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Why the death of Diwan?

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Once upon a time there was a king named Yashketu in Angadesh. He had a very clever diwan named Drishdarshi. The king was very luxuriant. Putting all the burden of the state on the Diwan, he fell into enjoyment. Diwan felt very sad. He saw that he was criticized everywhere along with the king. So he left, making an excuse about going on a pilgrimage. While walking, he found a Shiva temple. At the same time a merchant named Nichidatta came there and on being asked by the Diwan told that he was going to do business in Suvarnadweep. Diwan also joined him.

Both reached Suvarnadweep by boarding a ship and returned after earning money by doing business there. On the way, a diwan saw a krilp tree in the sea. A bed studded with gems was spread on its thick branches. A beautiful girl was sitting on it playing Veena. After some time, she vanished. The tree too, was not there anymore The minister was astonished.

The Diwan returned to his city and narrated the whole situation. Meanwhile, the king had reformed after running the kingdom for so many days and had given up luxury. Hearing the story of Diwan, the king became restless to get that beauty and after handing over all the work of the state to Diwan, reached there disguised as an ascetic. On reaching, he saw the same Kalpavriksha and a girl playing Veena. He asked the king, “Who are you?” The king introduced himself. The girl said, “I am the daughter of King Mriganksen. My name is Mrigankvati. I don’t know where my father left me.”

The King married her. The girl put a condition that she would go somewhere on Chaturdashi and Ashtami of Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha of every month and the king would not stop her. The King accepted this condition.

After this, when the Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha came, Mrigankavati left there after asking the king. The king also followed silently. Suddenly the king saw that a demon appeared and swallowed Mrigankavati. The king got very angry and cut off the head of the demon. Mrigankvati came out of his stomach alive.

The king asked him what was the matter and he said, “Your Majesty, my father did not eat without me. I used to come here to perform Shiva Puja on Ashtami and Chaturdashi. One day I was very late for the puja. Had to starve. When I returned home late, he angrily cursed me that when I would come for worship on Ashtami and Chaturdashi, a demon would swallow me and I would rip open his stomach. After a lot of persuasion to release him, he said, “When the king of Angadesh becomes your husband and sees you being swallowed by a demon, he will kill the demon. Then your curse will end.”

After this the King brought him to the city. When the minister saw this, his heart exploded with grief And he died.

Having said this, Betal asked, “O king! Tell me, did the diwan’s heart burst at the time of so much happiness of the lord?”

The king said, “Because he thought that the king again fell in love with the woman and the state would be in trouble.”

The king had so much to say that Betal again went and hanged on the tree. When the king went there and then took him along, Betal told this story on the way.