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Why did Yogi first cry, then why did he laugh?

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There was a city named Shibhavati in the Kalinga empire King Pradyumana used to rule there A Brahmin lived in the same city, who had a very capable son named Devsom. When Devasom was sixteen years old and had learned all the knowledge, one day he unfortunately died. The old parents were very sad. There was mounring everywhere When people reached the crematorium with him, a yogi came out of his hut after hearing the sound of crying and beating. At first he cried a lot, then laughed a lot, then left his body with the power of yoga and entered that boy’s body. Boy stood up. everyone was very happy to see him alive

That boy started mortification there.

Having said this, Betal said, “Rajan, tell me why this yogi first cried and then laughed?”

The king said, “What’s the matter! He wept because he was leaving the body which was brought up by his parents and from which he had learned so many lessons. He laughed because he could enter the new body and Will be able to get more achievements.”

After hearing this answer of the king, Betal again went and hanged on the tree. When the king went and brought him, on the way, Betal said, “O king, I am very happy that you have been answering my questions without being surprised and taking the trouble of coming and going again and again. Today I will ask you a very heavy question. Answer after thinking.

After that Betal told him this story.