Vikram Betaal

Whose wife?

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There was a city named Dharampur. A king named Dharamsheel used to rule in it. He had a manager named Andhak. One day the diwan said, “Maharaj, if a temple is built and the goddess is worshiped there, great virtue will be achieved.”

The king did the same. One day the goddess was pleased and asked him to ask for a groom. The King had no children. He asked the goddess for a son. The goddess said, “It is good, you will have a very glorious son.”

After a few days, the King had a son. The entire city celebrated.

One day a washerman came to that city with his friend. His eyes fell on the temple of the goddess. He intended to bow down to the goddess. At the same time he saw a washerwoman’s girl, who was very beautiful. Seeing her, he became so mad that he went to the temple and prayed to the Goddess, “O Goddess! May I find this girl. If I do, I will offer my head to you.”

After that, he was restless all the time. His friend told the whole situation to his father. Seeing this condition of his son, he went to the girl’s father and on his request both of them got married.

A few days after the marriage, a celebration took place at the girl’s father’s place. There was an invitation to attend this. They both took their friend with them. When there was a temple of the same goddess on the way, the boy remembered his promise. He asked the friend and the woman to wait for a while and went and bowed down to the goddess and struck him with such force that his head was severed.
When his friend went inside the temple when it was late, he saw that his friend’s head was lying separated from the body. He thought that this world is very bad. No one will understand that he has offered his head on his own. Everyone will say that I cut his neck to grab his beautiful woman. It is better to die somewhere than this Thinking this, he took the sword and cut his own head off.

On the other side, the woman standing outside was surprised, so she went inside the temple. She was shocked upon seeing it. Started thinking that the world will say, she will be a bad woman, so it is better to die from this slander that got both of them killed. Thinking this, he raised the sword and as soon as he wanted to hit his neck, the goddess appeared and held his hand and said, “I am pleased with you. Ask for whatever you want.”

The woman said, “O goddess! Give life to these two.”

The goddess said, “Okay, keep both of your heads together.”

When the women joined their heads in panic, by mistake the head of one touched the torso of the other. Goddess has given life to both. Now they both started fighting amongst themselves. One used to say that this woman is mine, the other used to say mine.

Betal said, “O king! Tell me whose woman is this?”

The king said, “Ganga is the best among rivers, Sumeru among mountains, Kalpavriksha among trees and head among limbs. That’s why husband’s head is on the body, he must be the husband.”

Hearing this much Betal went and hung on the tree again He told the seventh story when the King brought him back.