Vikram Betaal

Whose virtue is greater?

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There was a city named Mithlawati A King by the name of Gunadhip ruled there. A prince came from a far away country to serve him. He kept trying equally, but he did not meet the king. All that he had brought with him became equal.

One day the King set out to hunt. The prince also accompanied them. While walking, the king reached a forest. There his servants got separated. He was the only prince left with the King. He stopped the King. The king looked at him and asked, “Why are you getting so weak.” He said, “It is my karma’s fault. The king I live with, he nurtures thousands, but his gaze does not turn towards me. Rajan, six things lighten a man – the love of a false man, without any reason. Laughter, quarrel with women, service to an ungentleman master, riding a donkey and speaking without Sanskrit.And oh king, these five things are written in the fate of a man as soon as he is born-age, karma, wealth, knowledge and fame. Rajan, as long as a man’s virtue is rising, many of his slaves remain. When the virtue decreases, even brothers become enemies. But there is one thing, the service of the master does not go in vain. Sometimes the fruit is found.

Hearing this, it had a great impact on the king’s mind. After roaming around for some time, they returned to the city. The King gave him his job. Gave him nice clothes and ornaments.

One day the prince went somewhere for some work. On the way, he found the Goddess’s temple. He went inside and prayed to the Goddess. When he came out, he saw a beautiful woman following him. The moment the prince saw it, he was drawn to it. The woman said, “First you come after bathing in the pool. Then I will do whatever you say.”

Hearing this, the prince took off his clothes and as soon as he entered the pool and dived, he reached his city. He went and told the whole situation to the king. The king said, “Show me this wonder too.”

Both came to the temple of the Goddess riding on horses. Went inside and had darshan and as soon as he came out that woman appeared. As soon as she saw the king, she said, “Your Majesty, I am infatuated with your beauty. Whatever you say, I will do.”

The king said, “If it is such a thing, then you marry this servant of mine.”

The woman said, “This is not going to happen. I love you.”

The king said, “Gentlemen do what they say. You keep your word.”

After this the king got her married to his servant.

Having said this, Betal said, “O king! Tell me, who among the two, the king and the servant, got the bigger job?”

The king said, “The servant’s.”

Betal asked, “So how?”

The king said, “It was the dharma of the king to do favors. That’s why there was nothing special in his doing a favor. But the one who did not have dharma, he did a favor, so his work increased?”

Hearing this, Betal again went to the tree and when the king took him again, he told the eighth story.