Akbar Birbal

Who is the real mother?

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Who is the real mother? Once a very strange case came in the court of Emperor Akbar, which forced everyone to think.

It so happened that two women reached the court of Emperor Akbar crying. There was also a beautiful child of about 2 or 3 years old with him. Both the women were crying continuously as well as claiming that the child was theirs. Now the problem was that both lived outside the city, due to which no one visited them. Therefore, it was difficult to tell who the real mother of that tiny child was.

Now the trouble has come in front of Emperor Akbar that how to do justice and to whom to give the child. He took the opinion of all the courtiers one by one about this, but no one could solve this mystery and only then Birbal reached the court.

Emperor Akbar’s eyes sparkled on seeing Birbal. As soon as Birbal arrived, Akbar told him about this problem. Akbar told Birbal that now you solve this problem. Birbal kept thinking something and then asked to call the executioner.

As soon as the executioner arrived, Birbal made the child sit in one place and said, “Let’s do one thing, let’s cut this child into two pieces.” Will give one piece each to both the mothers. If either of these two women does not approve of this, then the executioner will cut that woman into two pieces.

On hearing this, one of the women agreed to cut the child into pieces and said that she accepted the order. She would go away with the piece of the child, but the other woman started crying bitterly and said, “I don’t want the child. Cut me in two, but don’t cut the child. Give this child to another woman.

Seeing this, all the courtiers started believing that the woman who is crying because of fear is guilty, but then Birbal said that the woman who is ready to cut the child into pieces, should be imprisoned, she is the culprit. Hearing this, the woman started crying and apologizing, but Emperor Akbar put her in jail.

Later Akbar asked Birbal that how did you know who is the real mother? Then Birbal smiled and said, “Maharaj Maa takes all the troubles on her own head, but does not even let the child get hurt and this is what happened. This shows that the real mother is the one who is ready to cut herself into pieces, but not the child.

After listening to Birbal, Emperor Akbar was once again convinced of Birbal’s intelligence.

learn from the story
We should never assert our rights on someone else’s things. At the same time, truth always wins and every problem can be solved by acting wisely.