Vikram Betaal

Who is the most renunciate?

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A king named Veervar used to rule in Madanpur city. There was a Vaishya in his kingdom, whose name was Hiranyadatta. He had a daughter named Madansena.

One day Madansena went to the garden with her friends. There by chance Dharmadatta, son of Seth named Somdatta, had come with his friend. He fell in love with Madansena at first sight. He was anxious all night after returning home. The next day he went to garden again. Madansena was sitting there alone. Going to her, he said, “If you don’t love me, I will die.”

Madanasena replied, “On the fifth day from today I am going to be married. I cannot be yours.”

He said, “I cannot live without you.”

Madansena got scared. She said, “Good thing. Let me get married. I will definitely meet you before going to my husband.”

Madansena became scared after giving his word. She got married and when she went to her husband, she said sadly, “If you trust me and give me Abhay Daan, then let me say one thing.” When the husband assured her, she narrated the whole thing. Hearing this, the husband thought that she will agree without going, no, it is useless to stop. He gave order to go.

Madansena walked wearing nice clothes and ornaments. He met a thief on the way. He caught hold of her skirt. Madanasena said, “You leave me. If you want to take my ornaments, then take them.”

The thief said, “I want you.”

Madansena told him the whole situation, “First I am there, then I will come to you.”

The thief left him.

Madansena reached Dharmadatta. He was overjoyed to see her and asked, “How did you escape from your husband?”

Madansena told the whole thing truthfully. He had a deep impact on Dharmdutt. He left her. Then she came to the thief. The thief was very impressed after knowing everything and left him at home. In this way Madansena came to her husband after being saved from everyone. When the husband heard the whole situation, he was very happy and started living happily with her.

Having said this, Betal said, “O king! Tell me, husband, Dharmadatta and thief, who among them is more renunciate?”

The king said, “Thief. Madanasena’s husband abandons her because she is attracted to another man. Dharmadatta abandons her because she had changed her mind, then she must have been afraid that her husband might punish her by telling the king. Don’t get it. But no one knew about the thief, yet he left him. That’s why he was more renunciate than both of them.

Hearing this answer of the king, Betal again hanged on the tree and when the king took him, he told this story.