Akbar Birbal

Who is the biggest wretch?

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Once upon a time, Emperor Akbar was ordering his servants to fetch water from his bed. At the same time, the servant cleaning the garbage was passing by the king’s room. When he saw that Akbar was thirsty, but there was no servant around him, he himself took water for the emperor. Akbar was shocked to see that garbage collector standing in his room with water, but he was very thirsty. In such a situation, without thinking much, Akbar caught hold of the glass brought by him and drank the water.

At the same time some special workers of Akbar reached his room. On seeing the garbage collector there, he asked him to leave the room immediately. Then he talked to the emperor for some time and he too left his room. That’s why after some time Emperor Akbar’s stomach started getting upset. As the day wore on, his health deteriorated further.

Seeing such condition of the king, a big doctor was called, but even after taking medicines, there was no improvement in his health. That’s why Raj Vaidya suggested the king to call an astrologer and said, “King! You seem to be possessed by the shadow of a wretched person. Keeping in mind the words of Raj Vaidya, Akbar ordered to call the astrologer.

That’s why the shadow of some wretched person happened in Akbar’s mind, so it did not fall on me. I just drank the water brought by the garbage sweeper. As soon as he thought of this, he sentenced the worker who cleaned the garbage to death. As soon as the king’s order was received, the soldiers put that servant in jail.

After some time, Birbal came to know about this order of the king. He immediately went to that employee and said don’t worry, I will save you by some trick or the other. Having said this, Birbal immediately reached Emperor Akbar.

Birbal asked the king, “What has happened to you? How did you get so sick?

In response, Akbar said, “Birbal, the shadow of a wretched person fell on me and I became ill.”

On hearing the answer of the king, Birbal started laughing in front of him. Akbar felt very bad seeing this. He said, “Birbal, you are making fun of my illness.”

Birbal said, “No-no king, all I want to say is that if I bring in front of you a more wretched person than that garbage worker, will you forgive the punishment of the servant?

Akbar asked, “Can anyone be more wretched than him? Come on, you bring some big wretched person, then I will free that person.

That’s why Birbal said with fervor that Maharaj, you yourself are more wretched than him. That humble servant just gave you water to quench your thirst, but you feel that your health has deteriorated because of that. Just think about that poor servant, he went to jail because of giving you water. Leave alone his day, his whole life is ruined because of seeing you early in the morning. Now in some time he will get death sentence. Now you tell me, is it a great wretchedness to be sick or to get the death penalty.

Further Birbal said, “Now don’t sentence yourself to death, because you are the king of all of us and are more dear to us than life itself.”

Sick Akbar laughed out loud after hearing such wise words from Birbal. He immediately ordered the soldiers to release the garbage collector from jail. At the same time, his death sentence was also forgiven.

Learning from the story:

Decision should not be taken on anyone’s words and should not be superstitious at all.