Vikram Betaal

Who is the best groom ?

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There was a city named Chammapur, in which a king named Champakeshwar used to rule. He had a queen named Sulochana and a girl named Tribhuvanasundari. The princess was like name and quality. When she grew up, her appearance became more refined. The king and queen were worried about his marriage. The news spread everywhere. Many kings got their pictures made and sent them, but the princess did not like anyone. The king said, “Daughter, if you tell me, should I do Swayamvar?” But she did not agree. At last the king decided that he would marry her to a man who would exceed all three in form, strength and knowledge.

One day four grooms from four countries came to the king. One said, “I make a cloth and sell it for five lakhs, offer one lakh to the deity, use one lakh for my organs, keep one lakh for women and use one lakh for my food and drink.” No one else knows Vidya.

The second said, “I know the language of the animals of the land and water.”

The third said, “I have read so many scriptures that no one can compete with me.”
The fourth said, “I know how to shoot the arrow of words.”

After listening to all four of them, the King fell into contemplation. They were even more beautiful than each other. He called the princess and described her qualities and appearance, but she remained silent.

Having said this, Betal said, “Rajan, you tell who should get the princess?”

The king said, “He who makes and sells cloth is a Shudra. He who knows the language of animals is a wise man. He who has read the scriptures is a brahmin; He should get the princess.”

The moment the King said this, Betaal vanished. When the poor king returned and took her, he told the tenth story.