Vikram Betaal

Who committed the crime of inventing the couplet?

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A King used to rule Kusumpur city. There was a Brahmin in his city who had four sons. When the boys grew up, the Brahmin died and the Brahmin committed sati with him. His relatives took away all his wealth. All the four brothers went to the grandfather’s house. But after a few days there too he was ill-treated. Then they collectively thought that they should learn a technique. After thinking this, the four went of in four separate directions.

After some time they met after learning Vidya. One said, “I have learned such a skill that I can offer flesh on the bones of a dead animal.” Another said, “I can make him skin and hair.” The third said, “I can make all its parts.” The fourth said, “I can put life into him.”

Then he went to the forest to test his knowledge. There he found the bones of a dead lion. They picked him up without recognising him. One put the flesh, the second produced the skin and hair, the third made all the organs and the fourth put life into it. The lion came to life and ate everyone.

After telling this story, Betal said, “O king, tell me who committed the crime of making a lion among all four?”

The king said, “He who killed himself, because the other three did not know that they were making lions. So they are not at fault.”

After hearing this, Betal went back to the tree. The King went and brought him back. On the way, Betal narrated a new story.