Akbar Birbal

Which way to Agra?

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Emperor Akbar loved hunting. Once upon a time, Emperor Akbar went hunting with his soldiers. While hunting, he went so far that he left his party. Only a few soldiers were left with them. It was now evening and the sun was about to set. At the same time, Akbar and his soldiers were also suffering from hunger.

After coming a long way, Emperor Akbar realized that he had lost his way. There was no one to be seen around, from whom one could ask about the way. After walking a little further, he saw a triangle. The king was a little happy to see that at least one of these routes would lead to the capital.

But, everyone was confused as to which way to go. Then the eyes of the soldiers fell on a small boy standing on the roadside. The boy was looking at the Maharaj’s horse and the weapons of the soldiers with great surprise. The soldiers caught that child and presented it before the king.

Emperor Akbar asked the boy, “O boy. Which of these routes leads to Agra? Hearing this, the child started laughing out loud. Seeing this, the king got very angry. But, he calmly asked him the reason for his laughter. The boy replied, “This way cannot be walked, so how will it go to Agra. You will have to walk yourself to reach Agra.

Maharaj was surprised to see the understanding of that boy. He was pleased and asked the name of that child. In response, the boy told his name as Mahesh Das. Maharaj gave him a gold ring as a reward and invited him to come to the court. After this Emperor Akbar asked the boy, “Can you tell me by which path I will reach Agra?” The boy politely showed the right path and Maharaj along with his soldiers started towards Agra.

This boy grew up to be famous as Birbal and was called one of the Navratnas of Emperor Akbar.

Learning from the story:

We learn from this story that knowledge and understanding should be respected.