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What is the relationship between the children of mother and daughter?

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A king named Mandlik used to rule in a city. His wife’s name was Chadvati. She was the daughter of the king of Malav. He had a girl named Lavanyavati. When she became eligible for marriage, the king’s brothers and sisters took away her kingdom and exiled her. The king went to Malav country taking the queen and the girl along with him. They stayed in a forest at night. Walked and reached the city of the tribals on the first day. The king told the queen and daughter to hide in the forest, otherwise the Bhils would trouble you. They both went to the jungle. Then the tribals attacked the king. The king fought, but in the end he was killed. Bhil left.

On his departure, the queen and daughter came out of the forest and were very sad to see the king dead. Both of them reached the bank of a pond mourning. At the same time, a moneylender named Chand Singh came there with his son, mounted on a horse, to play hunting. Seeing the footprints of two women, the moneylender said to his son, “If you find these women, go and marry whomever you want.”

The boy said, “I will marry the one with small feet who will be younger. You marry the older one.”

The moneylender did not want to marry, but agreed to the son’s lot.
He saw the two women as he moved a little forward The moneylender asked, “Who are you?”

The queen described the whole scenario. The moneylender took them to his home. Coincidentally, the queen’s feet were small, the daughter’s feet were big. That’s why the moneylender married the daughter, the boy married the queen, and thus the daughter became the mother-in-law and the mother the son’s daughter-in-law. They both had many children later,

Having said this, Betal said, “Rajan! Tell me, what was the relationship between the children of mother and daughter?”

The king got confused after hearing this question. He thought a lot but the answer didn’t strike him. That’s why he kept on walking silently.

Seeing this, Betal said, “Rajan, there is no problem. I am happy with your patience and bravery. I now come out of this corpse. You take it to the Yogi. When he asks you to bow down to this corpse, If he asks, then you tell him to do it first. When he bows his head and tells you, you cut off his head. By sacrificing him, you will become the king of the whole earth.

Having said this, Betal went away and the king came to Yogi with the dead body.