Akbar Birbal

What came first the chicken or the egg?

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Once upon a time, a learned pundit had come to the court of Emperor Akbar. He wanted to know the answers of some questions from the emperor, but it became difficult for the emperor to answer his questions. So, he forwarded Birbal to answer the pundit’s questions. Everyone was aware of Birbal’s cleverness and everyone expected that Birbal could easily answer every question of Pandit.

The pundit said to Birbal, “I give you two options. Either you answer me 100 easy questions or answer one of my difficult questions. Birbal said after thinking that I want to answer a difficult question of yours.

Then the pundit asked Birbal, so tell me which came first, the chicken or the egg. Birbal immediately replied to the pundit that the hen came first. Then the pundit asked him that how can you say so easily that the hen came first. On this Birbal told the pundit that this is your second question and I had to answer only one of your questions.

In such a situation, Pandit could not say anything in front of Birbal and left the court without speaking. Like always, Akbar was very happy this time too after seeing Birbal’s cleverness and wisdom. With this, Birbal proved how important it is for Birbal to stay in Emperor Akbar’s court as an advisor.

learn from the story :
With the right mindset and patience, every question can be answered and every problem can be solved.