Akbar Birbal

The whole world is dishonest

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Emperor Akbar and Birbal were sitting and talking about their subjects one day as usual. In small talk, the king said that Birbal, you know that our subjects are very honest. Birbal replied to this by saying that Badshah Salamat, people are not completely honest in any state. The whole world is dishonest.

The king did not like this statement of Birbal. He asked, “Birbal, what are you talking about?”

Birbal replied that I am telling the absolute truth. If you want, I can prove my point now.

Seeing so much confidence, the king said, “Okay! Go prove your point to be true.

As soon as he got permission from Emperor Akbar, Birbal started thinking of ways to bring out the dishonesty of the entire people. It occurred to him that people do not do dishonesty openly, so something different has to be done.

Thinking of this, he announced in the whole state that the king wanted to have a big feast. For that, he wants the entire public to contribute. You people just have to pour nothing more than a glass of milk in a vessel. This much is enough from the side of the subjects.

After this announcement was made, one or two big pots were kept at different places. Considering such a big vessel and the population of the state, instead of pouring pure milk, people poured milk mixed with water. Some just poured water. It used to occur in everyone’s mind that the person in front must have poured milk. What will happen if I put water or milk mixed with water.

By evening the milk accumulated in the pots. Birbal took with him Emperor Akbar and some cooks to the places where the vessels were kept. In whatever vessel the king looked, he saw no milk, only white water. The cooks also said that this is not milk, Maharaj. It is all water. It will hardly contain half to a glass of milk, due to which its color is light white. Otherwise it is nothing more than water.

Emperor Akbar was surprised to see all these things. It occurred to him that I used to consider everyone honest, but Birbal’s statement turned out to be true. He told Birbal that you were right. I have understood the reality. Saying this, the king, Birbal and the cook returned to the palace.

Learning from the story:

No one should be blindly trusted. People don’t miss out on dishonesty when they get a chance.