The story of the birth of Maharishi Vedvyas

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In ancient times there was a king named Sudhanva. One day they went to the forest for hunting. His wife became Rajaswala only after his departure. He sent this news to the king through his bird of prey.

After getting the news, Maharaj Sudhanva took out his semen in one gona and gave it to the bird. The bird flew in the sky to take both of them to the king’s wife. On the way that bird of prey was attacked by another bird of prey. There was a war between the two birds. During the war, he escaped from the claws of both the birds and fell into the Yamuna. In the Yamuna there used to live an Apsara who had become a fish by the curse of Brahma. The nymph in the form of a fish swallowed the semen flowing in both and due to its effect she became pregnant.

A Nishad trapped that fish in his net after the pregnancy was over. When Nishad cut open the stomach of the fish, a boy and a girl came out of its stomach. That Nishad went to Maharaj Sudhanva with those babies. Due to Maharaj Sudhanva not having a son, he kept the child with him, whose name was ‘Matsyaraj’. The girl remained with Nishad and was named ‘Matsyagandha’ because her body smelled of fish. That girl was also known as ‘Satyavati’.

When she grew up, the girl started doing the work of rowing a boat. Once Parashar Muni had to cross the Yamuna by sitting on his boat. Parashar Muni became enamored of Satyavati’s beauty and said – “Devi! We are willing to have sex with you. Satyavati said- “Munivar! You are a Brahmagyani and I am Nishad Kanya. Our cohabitation is not possible. Then Parashar Muni said – “Don’t worry. Even after giving birth, you will remain a virgin. By saying this, he created a net of thick fog all around with his yoga power and enjoyed with Satyavati. After that blessing him said- “The smell of fish that comes out of your body will turn into fragrance.”

When the time came, a son was born from the womb of Satyavati, who was well versed in the Vedas. As soon as he was born, the child grew up and said to his mother – “Mother! Whenever you remember me in trouble, I will be present. Having said this, he went to Dwaipayan Island to do penance. He was called “Krishna Dwaipayan” because of doing penance in Dwaipayan Island and because of the black color of his body. Later on, he became famous by the name of Ved Vyas because of commenting on the Vedas.