Vikram Betaal

The story of King Chandrasen and the young man Satvasheel

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A young man named Satvsheel comes to King Chandrasen of Tamralipi, a city situated on the seashore, asking for a job. But Chandrasen’s soldiers do not allow Satvsheel to go near them. Satvsheel is always on the lookout to somehow meet the king.

One day the king’s ride is going. Due to high heat, King Chandrasen feels very thirsty. They don’t get water even after searching a lot, it seems as if they will die of thirst!

Then he sees a young man standing on the way; He is none other than Satvsheel, who is consciously already present on the path of the king. Seeing him, the king asks him for water. Sattvasheel immediately quenches the king’s thirst and at the same time gives him fruits to eat. Chandrasen is pleased with Satvsheel and asks what he can do for him.

Seeing the opportunity, Satvsheel asks for a job for himself. King Chandrasen gives him the job, and says that he will remember his favor. Gradually, Satsheel becomes close to the king. One day the king tells him that there is a lot of unemployment in our city and an island nearby is very green. If we go and search on that island, then maybe there will be some opportunity for the people of our city.

Satvashila immediately takes the initiative to investigate. And after getting a boat and some allies from King Chandrasen, he goes towards the island in the sea. As soon as he reaches the island, Satvsheel sees a flag floating in the water. Seeing him, Satvsheel immediately jumps into the water to investigate.

Satvsheel suddenly finds himself on the land of the island. Where a beautiful girl is listening to music, she is the princess of that island, and there are other girls around her. Satwaseel introduces himself to her and the princess offers food to Satwaseel and asks him to take a bath in a small pond of water before eating.

As soon as Satvashila goes to bathe in the water, he finds himself in the palace of Tamralipi, near King Chandra Sen. And seeing this miracle, even Chandrasen was amazed. Chandrasen himself decides to go to this mysterious place and go there and conquer that island. The princess of that island declares the winner Chandrasen as the king of that island.

In the joy of victory, King Chandrasen orders Satvsheel to get married to that princess and entrusts the responsibility of protecting and representing that area to Satvsheel. In this way, Chandrasen repays the favor of Satvasheel.

After telling such a story, Betal becomes silent and asks King Vikram that who was the braver among the two? Satvasheel or King Chandrasen who won the island. King

Vikram immediately replies that Satwaseel was more brave because he was unaware of the situation there when he jumped near the island after seeing the flag in the water. There could also be a danger of death. But King Chandrasen knew the whole thing, and he was able to win with the help of the army. That’s why Satvashila was more brave.

Once again, as soon as King Vikram opened his mouth, Betal flew away…. And went to the tree and hanged upside down.