Sheikh Chilli

The Seven Fairies and the Foolish Sheikh Chilli

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Sheikh Chilli was from a very poor family. He was also very weak in studies. If he was good at anything, it was just playing around all day long. He used to spend all his time playing marbles with the boys of the locality. This is how his entire childhood passed. Slowly he grew up but his habits did not change.

His mother was very upset with this habit of Sheikh Chilli. She wanted that Sheikh Chilli has now grown up, so he should do some business, so that the condition of the house can improve. One day he called Sheikh Chilli and reprimanded him saying – “How long will you play marbles with the stray boys of the locality like this all day long? Now you have grown up and you are also strong, so why don’t you do any job. How long will he eat free bread while sitting at home like this?

Sheikh Chilli did not say anything after listening to his mother. He quietly followed their orders and left for another village the next day in search of a job. Sheikh Chilli’s mother tied seven rotis in his bag for the way. After this Sheikh Chilli went ahead.

Sheikh Chilli had covered half way that he felt hungry. He stopped near a well and took out breads from his bag and sat down to eat. Seeing the seven breads given by the mother, he started saying – “Let me eat one, eat two, eat three so that I can eat all seven.”

Coincidentally, seven fairies also lived in the same well. She got scared after hearing Sheikh Chilli’s food. They thought he was talking about eating those fairies. Out of fear, the seven fairies came out of the well and begged Sheikh Chilli not to eat them.

The fairies said to Sheikh Chilli – “Don’t eat us. We’ll give you a magic pot. Whatever wish you ask from that pitcher will be fulfilled.

Sheikh Chilli took the magic pot from the fairies and then returned to his home. On reaching home, he told his mother about the fairies. Mother was surprised to hear all this. He thought why not try the magic pot given by the fairies. Mother asked for a lot of dishes from the pitcher. As soon as he said this, different types of dishes were decorated in front of him. Had a hearty meal with both of them that night.

After this Sheikh Chilli’s mother asked for a lot of money from that magic pitcher and both became rich. Sheikh Chilli’s mother was very happy to see all this, but she was afraid that the villagers might make her foolish son reveal the secret of his being rich.

That’s why Sheikh Chilli’s mother got an idea. She went to the market and bought a lot of sticks. Then climbing on the roof of the house it started raining. Sheikh Chilli was very happy to see the rain of batashe from thatch. He thought this was happening because of that pitcher. He ate a lot of batashe.

After becoming rich, the way of living of Sheikh Chilli and his mother also changed, which was also felt by the people of the village in a few days. The people of the village started thinking that how did he become so rich all of a sudden.

Some people of the village went to Sheikh Chilli’s mother and asked from where they got so much money. Sheikh Chilli’s mother did not tell anything after listening to the villagers, so she thought that let’s ask the fool Sheikh Chilli directly.

One day, as soon as they got a chance, the people of the village called Sheikh Chilli and asked him how your appearance has changed these days. On this Sheikh Chilli told him all about the fairy and the magic pot.

After listening to Sheikh Chilli, the villagers went to his house and asked to show the magic pot. On this Sheikh Chilli’s mother said that she did not have any such pitcher.

The mother said – “You guys already know that my son is a fool. He dreams even during the day.

Hearing this, Sheikh Chilli insisted – “Remember mother, I had given you that magical pitcher. did you forget We had eaten a lot of dishes from the same pitcher in the night and then it rained from our thatch.

Hearing this, his mother laughed and said – “Now tell me, does it rain like thatch even from thatch?”

Now the villagers had also believed in the words of Sheikh Chilli’s mother. They assumed that Sheikh Chilli must have had a dream and was telling them some fabricated story and all went back to their homes.

Learning from the story – No one believes even the truth of foolish people. Therefore, according to age and need, one should remove one’s own shortcomings and learn the skill of cleverness.