Sheikh Chilli

The road lives here

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This story related to Shekhchilli begins with the culvert of his village. One day Shekhchilli was sitting there with his friends. Everyone was gossiping with each other when a person from the city stopped there and asked Sheikh and his friends, “Why brother, can anyone tell which road leads to Miyan Sheikh Sahib’s house?”

The person was asking about Shekhchilli’s father. The whole village used to call his father as “Sheikh Sahib”, but after listening to that gentleman, Shekhchilli got a new idea. He said, “Do you want to know which other road leads to Sheikh Sahib’s house?”

“Yes, yes, this is what I want to ask!” The person replied.

On hearing this, Shekhchilli said, “None of these roads go through.”

On this the urban gentleman said, “If not this, then which road leads?”

Shekhchilli said, “No one.”

Person – “What do you say son, everyone has told me that Sheikh Sahib’s house is in this village.”

Shekhchilli – “You are absolutely right, Sheikh Sahib lives in this village”.

Person – “That’s why I am asking which road leads to his house? ,

Shekhchilli said- “Sir, you will reach his house, but this road will remain here, it will not go anywhere. This poor road cannot walk at all. I am Sheikh Chilli, son of Sheikh Sahib. I will show you the way, on which you will reach the right address i.e. my house.

The man was very happy after listening to Shekhchilli and said, “You have become very intelligent and very intelligent too. Come on son, take me to your home. Your father is my childhood friend. I have brought my daughter’s relation for you. My daughter is also very intelligent like you. You two would make a great pair.

After listening to the gentleman, Shekhchilli took him to his home.

Lesson learned from the story:

One should always speak clearly. Along with this, it is also important to pay attention to the choice of words, so that the person in front can understand the matter.