Single minded

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The war of Mahabharata ended. The Kauravas had all been killed in the war. Pandavas also went to the Himalayas after ruling for some time. There all the brothers fell one by one. Yudhishthira was left alone with his only companion dog and went to heaven.

It is said that Yudhishthira went to heaven alive. There he saw both heaven and hell. Duryodhana appeared as soon as he entered heaven. He also encountered his brothers. Bhima, who was questioning other brothers while falling on the way, got curious here too and asked, “Brother! Wicked Duryodhan kept taking the side of unrighteousness all his life. He did not do any religious work in his whole life, due to which he got heaven. Is there darkness even in the justice of God?

No Bheem! According to the divine law, the result of every virtue, even if it is a little, is heaven. In spite of all the evils, Duryodhana had one virtue, due to which he has got a place in heaven.

What is that – asked Bhima. He may not have been able to give the right direction to life because of his values, but his path was definitely right. He worked tirelessly to achieve his goal. Being single-minded towards the goal is a great virtue. As a result of the virtue of this virtue, he was justified in getting a place in heaven for some time.