Akbar Birbal

Separating sugar from sand

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Once Emperor Akbar, Birbal and all the ministers were sitting in the court. The proceedings of the meeting were going on. One by one the people of the state were coming to the court with their problems. Meanwhile, a person reached the court there. He had a jar in his hand. Everyone was looking at that jar, then Akbar asked that person – ‘What is in this jar?’

He said, ‘Maharaj, there is a mixture of sugar and sand in it.’ Akbar again asked ‘Why?’ Now the courtier said – ‘Pardon the mistake, Maharaj, but I have heard many stories of Birbal’s intelligence. I want to test them. I want Birbal to separate each grain of sugar from this sand without using water.’ Now everyone started looking at Birbal with surprise.

Now Akbar looked at Birbal and said, ‘Look Birbal, now how will you show your intelligence in front of this person.’ Birbal smiled and said, ‘Maharaj will be done, this is the work of my left hand.’ Now everyone was wondering what Birbal would do to separate the sugar from the sand. Then Birbal got up and took that jar towards the garden present in the palace. There was also that person behind them.

Now Birbal reached under a mango tree in the garden. Now he started spreading the mixture of sand and sugar present in the jar around a mango tree. That’s why the person asked, ‘Hey, what are you doing?’ Birbal said, ‘You will know this tomorrow.’ After this both came back to the palace. Now everyone was waiting for tomorrow morning. The next morning when the court was held, Akbar and all the ministers reached the garden together. Along with him was Birbal and the person who brought the mixture of sand and sugar. Everyone reached near the mango tree.

Everyone saw that now there is only sand lying there. Actually, the ants had taken out the sugar present in the sand and collected it in their bill and some ants were taking the remaining sugar to their bill. On this the person asked, ‘Where has the sugar gone?’ Birbal said, ‘The sugar has separated from the sand.’ Everyone started laughing loudly. Seeing this cleverness of Birbal, Akbar said to that person, ‘If you want sugar now, you will have to enter the ant’s hole.’ Everyone laughed again and started praising Birbal.

learn from the story :
Trying to let someone down can be harmful for you.