Akbar Birbal

Questions and answers of Akbar Birbal

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A long time ago, there used to be a great Mughal emperor in India, who was known as Emperor Akbar. There were Navratnas in Akbar’s rule, among whom the clever Birbal was also included. Emperor Akbar met Birbal for the first time in the forest, when he had lost his way, Birbal showed him the way. At that time Birbal was known as Maheshdas. Akbar changed the name of Maheshdas to Birbal. Also, Birbal was appointed as a special advisor in his court, because Birbal was more intelligent. He used to solve every question and confusion with his knowledge and cleverness.

Birbal had become the favorite advisor of Maharaja Akbar in a very short time. Because of this, other ministers and general ministers of his assembly used to envy Birbal. His brother-in-law Mansingh was also jealous of this. So, one day Mansingh wanted to test Birbal. He wanted to ask Birbal three questions. Maharaj Akbar also gave permission to take Birbal’s exam.

How many stars are there in the sky?

Mansingh’s first question was that it was the first question. Hearing this question, other courtiers who were jealous of Birbal started feeling happy. Maharaja Akbar also started thinking whether Birbal would be able to answer this.

Birbal smiled and said, ‘The answer is very simple’ and brought a sheep in the court and said, ‘As many hairs as there are in this sheep, there are as many stars in the sky. If Mansingh ji is still in doubt, then you can compare by counting the hair of a sheep and the stars in the sky. Seeing Birbal’s cleverness, Emperor Akbar smiled and said, ‘Why Mansingh ji do you want to count and compare?’

Where is the center of the earth?

Hearing Mansingh’s next question, Birbal immediately replied, ‘Where you are standing, that is the center of the earth.’ Maharaja Akbar and other courtiers could not understand Birbal’s answer. Then where Mansingh was standing, Birbaral drew a line and buried an iron stick and said, ‘This is the center of the earth. If anyone doesn’t believe me, he can measure the earth himself.’

Seeing Birbal’s cleverness, Mansingh was lost in thought. Then Mansingh asked to solve the first one.

Mansingh’s third question

A beautiful idol is a test, whoever sees its face,
Did not get worried, did not feel burdened.

Birbal started thinking carefully about the riddle while repeating it.

After thinking a lot Birbal says, ‘ This is a very easy puzzle Mansingh ji, the answer is in the puzzle itself. The answer is the mirror, in which the person standing in front of the mirror is a beautiful image. He sees his face in the mirror.

Emperor Akbar was very happy seeing that Birbal answered all the questions of Mansingh very cleverly and said to Mansingh, ‘Why Mansingh ji, have you got the answers to your questions, haven’t you?’

Lessons from the story of Akbar Birbal
The lesson from this story is that any question can be answered. You just have to trust your mind and work with restraint.