Protection of moral values

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There is a story in chapter 90 of the Mahabharata Karna-Parva – a great snake lived in the Khandan forest – his name was Ashwasen. There was a fire in the forest. Arjuna was considered the cause of that fire incident. Ashwasen’s mother Chakshusrak died in the fire. He got very angry on this and started ambushing Arjuna to take revenge.

Mahabharata was composed in the field of Kurukshetra. Karna and Arjuna were face to face. Ashwasena saw a suitable opportunity and took the form of an arrow and entered Karna’s quiver. While striking Arjuna, Karna accidentally got the same arrow in which Ashwasen was contained. Seeing the awkwardness of the arrow, Shalya said – “Great! This arrow is a bit absurd. Put another arrow on the bow. So it will be fine. Karna proudly said – “Surgery! I do not see the target again and once I have put the arrow on the bow, I do not take it off again.’ Saying this he straightened the bow and released the arrow towards the target.

Seeing this great fierce arrow coming, Krishna made the horses of the chariot sit on the ground, so Arjuna’s crown was cut off by the arrow and his head was saved.

Ashwasen’s anger did not calm down. He was deeply saddened by Arjuna’s escape. This time he reached Karna in his real form and said – ‘O great warrior! Arjun was saved from the last time you inadvertently released me in the form of an arrow without knowing my prowess. This time you leave me carefully. Due to this, my and your equally enemy-Arjuna will definitely go to the face of death.

‘ Karna asked – Bhadra, who are you and for what reason do you enter my Tarkas? Ashwasen said – ‘ I am a terrible poisonous snake. Arjun has burnt my country, so I will take revenge on him. I could not bite him with my effort, so now I want to take revenge from my enemy by taking your help.

Karna gave a very poignant answer and said- ‘O snake! I want to win by my own efforts. I accept defeat in comparison to the way you want to help me by taking shelter of disguise with malice. Hey Tat! I will bear whatever happens, you go home happily. It is better to fail and lose than to achieve success at any cost and to fulfill one’s desire by doing anything. Moral values must be protected in any condition, no matter how much it hurts our interests?