Akbar Birbal

Pot full of wisdom

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Once upon a time there was some estrangement between King Akbar and his beloved Birbal. Because of this, the king punished Birbal to go away from the kingdom. Even in this situation, Birbal did not give up and went to another village and started farming in disguise. Now he started living his life as a farmer.

Initially everything was normal for King Akbar, but only a few days passed that the king started realizing his mistake. He started remembering Birbal in his daily routine. Whenever any difficult problem came in front of him, he used to miss Birbal a lot.

One day the king could not stay with Akbar. He called his commander and ordered him to find Birbal. According to the order of the king, the search for Birbal was started in every village and every street. All the soldiers searched every corner, but they could not find Birbal.

When the king came to know about this, he was very disappointed. Now his uneasiness to meet Birbal had started increasing. Suddenly a solution came in the king’s mind. He ordered that a message be sent to all the village headmen that all of them must put wisdom inside a vessel and send it to the king. Whoever does not fulfill this order, he will have to send a vessel filled with diamonds and jewels to the king instead.

All the villagers were upset to hear this strange order of the king. Everyone was surprised to think that how to fill the intellect in a vessel. Wisdom was available with everyone, but everyone was in trouble thinking how to put it in a vessel. In the event of not being able to do so, he had to fill the same vessel with precious diamonds and ornaments, which was an even bigger problem.

At the same time, in the village where Birbal was living in the guise of a common farmer, this order of the king became a topic of discussion. All the elders of the village were sitting disappointed when Birbal came there and said that he can solve this problem. At first no one believed this, but they had no other way but to believe Birbal. That’s why the reins of this work were handed over to Birbal.

At that time it was time to grow watermelon crop in the village. Birbal put a vine of a watermelon plant in a pot. Gradually, watermelon fruit started growing in that vine and with time the watermelon took the shape of the pot. As soon as the vessel was full of watermelon, Birbal separated the vine from the fruit and sent the vessel along with the watermelon to the king’s court. Also send this message that there is wisdom inside that vessel and the king will have to take out the wisdom without breaking the vessel.

As soon as the king saw the pot full of watermelon and heard the condition to remove it, he was convinced that such an idea could only be of Birbal. He quickly got his horse and started towards the village to bring Birbal back with him.

Learning from the story

This story teaches us that there is definitely an answer to every difficult question. We just need to think out of the box.