Sheikh Chilli

Panther Hunting

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Even though Shekhchilli was talking and doing stupid things, but seeing some ability of Shekhchilli, Jhajjar Nawab Sheikh Farooq gave him a job at his place. Days passed and the sheikh faithfully went about his work. One day the Nawab was going to the forest for hunting.

Seeing him going for hunting, the sheikh said, “Maharaj, I also want to come with you.”

Nawab laughingly explained to him that you cannot go there. You must have never hunted even a mouse in your life, so what will you do after going to the forest?

Hearing this from the Nawab of Jhajjar, Shekhchilli said in a sad voice, “You give me at least one chance to show my ability.”

Seeing his stubbornness, the Nawab also handed over a gun to Shekhchilli. Now all together started moving towards Kalesar forest. After reaching some distance, all stood at their respective places to wait for the prey. Nawab Sahib asked Shekhchilli to stand with him.

To trap the leopard, a goat was tied to a tree. Still the leopard did not come there for three hours. Shouting in the meantime, Shekhchilli asked why the said leopard had not come yet. A hunter standing near the Nawab said that you keep quiet. Otherwise you will spoil the whole work.

Meanwhile, Shekhchilli started cooking imaginary casserole in his mind. It occurred to him that so many people have come here to hunt one or two leopards. They came and came, but not a single one went to find the leopard. Everyone is waiting for him hiding behind the tree.

Then it occurred to Shaikh that if I could manage, I would take my gun and go straight out to find the leopard. After finding him, I will start following him quietly and as soon as he looks at me, I will hunt him. Thinking this much, Sheikh said to himself that he had heard that leopards run very fast and also take big jumps. What if he climbs on me?

Shekhchilli let this thought go from his mind. She said what if he runs fast. Am I less than that? As soon as he runs towards me. I will fire my gun, but what about hiding behind such a tree and putting the goat’s life in danger. Everyone is a coward here. Then there was a loud gunshot. The leopard died as soon as he heard the sound.

Everyone came out from behind the tree. He saw that the goat was tied to a tree and was eating grass. When those people looked at some distance, they found the leopard dead. Everyone thought that Shekhchilli had killed the leopard. Everyone congratulated Shekhchilli. Shekhchilli was happy after getting applause from everyone, but he himself did not understand how the panther died.

Learning from the story:

Sometimes such people also show their ability, from whom nothing is expected. For this reason, one should not underestimate anyone.