Monkey And Rabbit

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A monkey and a rabbit lived very lovingly in a big forest. Both had such a good friendship that they always used to play together and share their joys and sorrows.

One day while playing, the monkey said, “Friend rabbit, let’s play a new game today.” The rabbit asked, “Tell me, which game do you want to play?”

The monkey said, “Today we both should play hide and seek.” The rabbit started laughing and said, “Okay, let’s play.” It will be great fun. Both were about to start this game when they saw that all the animals and birds of the forest were running here and there.

Showing agility, the monkey asked the fox running nearby, “Hey, what has happened? Why is everyone running? The fox replied, “A hunter has come into the forest, so we are all running for our lives. You also run fast or else he will catch you. Saying this, the fox quickly ran away from there.

On hearing the words of the hunter, the monkeys and rabbits also started running away in fear. While running, both came far away from that forest. Then the monkey said, “Friend rabbit, we have been running since morning. It is evening now. Come on, let’s get some rest. I’m tired.”

The rabbit said, “Yes, not only tired, but also very thirsty. Let’s drink some water. Then rest.

The monkey said, “I am also thirsty. Let’s go find water.”

Together they set out to find water. In no time he found a pot of water. There was very little water in it. Now it occurred to both the rabbit and the monkey that if I drink this water, my friend will remain thirsty.

Now the rabbit started saying, you drink water. I am not very thirsty. You have done a lot of jumping, so you must be very thirsty.

Then the monkey said, “Friend, I am not thirsty. you drink water I know you are very thirsty.

Both were repeatedly asking each other to drink water. The elephant passing by stopped for a while and started listening to them.

Laughing after some time, the elephant asked, “Why are you both not drinking water?”

The rabbit said, “Look brother elephant, my friend is thirsty, but he is not drinking water.”

The monkey said, “No-no brother, the rabbit is lying. I am not thirsty. He is thirsty, but he is insisting on giving me water.

Seeing this scene, the elephant said, “The friendship between you two is very deep. This is an example for everyone. Why don’t you both drink this water. Both of you can drink this water half and half.

Both the rabbit and the monkey liked the elephant’s suggestion. He drank water half-and-half and then started resting to get rid of the tiredness.

learn from the story
True friends always take care of each other. There is no place for selfishness in true friendship.