Akbar Birbal

List of fools

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Once upon a time, Emperor Akbar was present in the court with his courtiers. Only then one thing comes to his mind. Badshah says that there are always intelligent people around me and I am bored living among them. I’ve decided that I should meet some silly people. Akbar tells Birbal, ‘You have always helped us with your wisdom and cleverness. We want you to do something similar this time too and find and bring 6 foolish people for us.

Birbal: Yes Jahanpanah, I will definitely find 6 foolish people for you.

Akbar: We give you 30 days to find 6 stupid people.

Birbal: Jahanpanah, I will not need so much time.

Akbar: Well, if you can get the fool before that, that’s a good thing.

After this Birbal goes out in search of foolish people. Birbal was thinking the whole time on the way that where would he find those foolish people. Then he sees a man sitting on a donkey, who was carrying a bundle of grass on his head. Birbal immediately stopped the horse and asked him about his identity.

Birbal: Who are you and why are you carrying grass on your head sitting on such a donkey?

Person: I am Ramu and my donkey is weak and tired, so I have put a bundle of grass on my head to reduce the load of the donkey.

Hearing this, Birbal thinks that he has found the first fool. Then Birbal tells him that you think so much about animals, so I will get you a reward from Emperor Akbar. By saying this Birbal asks that person to walk with him. Ramu joins Birbal after hearing about the reward.

Birbal and Ramu had gone some distance when Birbal saw two men fighting with each other. Birbal stops both those men from fighting and asks them who are you both and for what are you fighting?

Person 1: Sir, my name is Changu.

Person 2: And I have Mango.

Mangu: Sir, Changu tells me that he has a lion, which he will release to hunt my cow.

Changu: Yes I will do that and I am going to have a lot of fun too.

Birbal: Where is your cow and lion?

Mangu: Sir, when God comes to give us a boon, I will ask him for a cow and Changu will ask for a lion.

Which he is talking about leaving on my cow.

Birbal: Well that’s it.

After listening to his words, Birbal understood that he had found two more fools. Birbal takes them with him by saying about the reward. Birbal reaches his home with all three of them and then starts thinking from where to find the rest of the fools. Birbal goes out asking those three fools to stay in his house. When Birbal and the Fool go out to search for people, they come across a man who keeps on searching for something. Birbal goes to him and asks what are you looking for?

Person: Sir, my ring has fallen somewhere, which I have been searching for a long time, but I cannot find it.

Birbal: Do you know where the ring fell?

Person: Actually, my ring fell near that tree far away from here, but because it is dark there, I am looking for it here.

Birbal: Well that’s it. Tomorrow you come with us to the king’s court. I will ask Emperor Akbar to give you another ring.

Person: Ok ok then (happy).

The next morning, Birbal reaches the court with those four fools.

Birbal: Badshah Akbar, I have found and brought the foolish people as you said.

Akbar: Birbal you have found fools in one day, is there more number of fools in our state and how can you say with confidence that these people are fools?

Birbal told everything to the king. Then Akbar says that these are only four people, where are the other two fools?

Birbal: Jahanpanah there are 6 foolish people here?

Akbar: Tell us where and who are here.

Birbal: Jahanpanah, I myself am one.

Akbar: How did you become a fool?

Birbal: I am a fool because I found these fools and brought them.

Akbar: Then Akbar starts laughing and says that I understood who is the other fool. But I want to hear from you.

Birbal: The other is you Jahanpanah, which you asked me to bring to the foolish persons.

After listening to Birbal’s words, Akbar starts praising him and says that Birbal has the answer to every question.

Lesson learned from the story:

Brain and cleverness can make every difficult task easy, but one should not waste his precious time in such works, which have no meaning.