Akbar Birbal

King’s dream

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Tales of Birbal are famous for their cleverness and proper use of intelligence. Birbal always used to solve the problems faced by Emperor Akbar in a pinch. Not only the problems of real life, but Birbal also had the answers to the problems of the king’s dreams. One such story is of the king’s strange dream. Come, let us tell you the whole story.

Once upon a time, Emperor Akbar suddenly woke up from a deep sleep and then could not sleep the whole night. He was very upset because he had seen a strange dream, the meaning of which he could not understand. He saw that all his teeth kept falling one after the other and in the end only one tooth was left. He was so worried by this dream that he thought of discussing it in the assembly.

On reaching the assembly the next day, Akbar narrated the dream to his trusted ministers and sought opinion from all. Everyone suggested him to talk to an astrologer about this and understand the meaning of the dream. The king also found this thing correct.

The next day he called learned astrologers in the court and narrated his dream. After this all the astrologers discussed among themselves. Then he said to the king, “Jahanpanah, this dream only means that all your relatives will die before you.”

Akbar got very angry after hearing this from the astrologers and he ordered all the astrologers to leave the court. After they all left, Emperor Akbar called Birbal and said, “Birbal, what do you think our dream means?”

Birbal said, “Huzoor, according to me your dream meant that you would live longer than all of your relatives and that you would live longer than all of them.” Emperor Akbar became very happy after hearing this.

All the ministers present there thought that Birbal had also repeated the words of astrologers. Meanwhile, Birbal told those ministers that look, it was the same thing, just the way of saying it was different. Things should always be put in the right way. After saying this to the ministers, Birbal left the meeting.

Learning from the story:
There is a right way to say anything. If the distracting thing is also said in the right way, then it does not feel bad. For this reason, the matter should always be kept in the right way and properly.