Akbar Birbal

Joru’s slave

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Once upon a time, King Akbar and Birbal were discussing some important matters sitting in the court. Then Birbal said to Akbar, “I think most of the men are slaves of Joru and live in fear of their wives.” The king did not like this statement of Birbal at all. He opposed this.

On this, Birbal was also adamant on getting his words convinced. He told the king that he could prove his point. However, for this the king will have to issue an order among the subjects. The order was that, the man who was found to be afraid of his wife, would have to deposit a hen in the court. The king agreed to this talk of Birbal.

The very next day an order was made among the people that if it is proved that a man is afraid of his wife, then he will have to come to the court and deposit a hen with Birbal. What was it then, in no time, many chickens gathered near Birbal and hundreds of chickens started roaming in the garden of the palace.

Now Birbal reached to the king and said, “Maharaj! So many chickens have gathered in the palace that you can open a hen house, so now you can withdraw this order. But, Maharaj did not take this thing seriously and the number of chickens in the palace gradually started increasing even more.

Even after so many chickens gathered in the palace, when King Akbar did not agree with Birbal, Birbal came up with a new way to prove his point. One day Birbal went to the king and said, “Your Majesty! I have heard that there is a very beautiful princess living in the neighboring kingdom. If you want, can I come there to confirm your relationship?

On hearing this, the king was shocked and said, “Birbal! What kind of things are you talking about? There are already two queens in the palace. If they get a clue of this, then I will not be well.

Hearing this, Birbal replied with aplomb, “Come on Maharaj, then you also deposit two chickens with me.”

Raja was ashamed to hear such an answer from Birbal and he withdrew his order at the same time.

Learning from the story

We get this lesson from this story of Akbar Birbal that by the cleverness of words, we can make anything agree. If needed, just like Birbal, cleverly present your side.