Sheikh Chilli

Imaginary jalebi

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Once an old woman was going somewhere for some work. Then he collided with a vehicle while crossing the road. The woman fainted and fell down due to the collision of the vehicle and the driver fled from the spot. As soon as the accident was known, the people around immediately reached the elderly woman and started trying to bring her to her senses.

Seeing the crowd gathered on the road, Shekhchilli, who was passing by, also reached there. He saw an old woman lying unconscious on the road and some people were sprinkling water on her. There, some people are holding his hands and feet, while some are fanning him.

Some people surrounded the woman asking them to arrange a vehicle to take her to the hospital, while some people were trying to bring her back to her senses by saying that she was not hurt much.

After listening to everyone, Shekhchilli also put forth his idea to bring the old man back to his senses. He said that in order to bring the elderly woman to consciousness, we will first have to bring hot jalebis, then she will have to smell their fragrance and then those jalebis will have to be put in her mouth. Sheikh further said that ‘this elderly woman will definitely regain consciousness as soon as the jalebis go into her mouth.’ Sheikh became silent after saying his words, but no one paid attention to his words.

On the other hand, the elderly woman who pretended to faint had overheard Sheikh. In the greed of eating jalebis, she just kept closing her eyes. When no one paid attention to Shekhchilli’s talk for a long time, the old woman lost patience and she got up and pointed to Shekhchilli and said, ‘Someone listen to this good man’s opinion too and bring the jalebis.’

Everyone was shocked to hear the words of the old lady. Everyone looked at that woman with angry eyes and went their own way by saying good and bad to her. On the other hand, on realizing her stupidity, the old lady who was making excuses also silently got up from the road and bowed her eyes and went away.

Learning from the story :

Never lie or pretend. Doing this always gets disdain from others.