Hunting Announcement

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Years ago, some animals used to live in a dense forest. One of them was a lion and at his service were foxes, wolves, cheetahs and eagles. The lion had made the fox his secretary, the cheetah his bodyguard and the wolf his home minister. Apart from these, Cheetah used to bring all the news from far away and give it to the lion, that is, he used to do the work of Khabri.

Even though the lion had given good posts to these four, but the other animals called them sycophants. Everyone knew that all four should do some work or not, but they flatter the lion very well.

Every day all the four animals used to say a few words in praise of the lion, which made him happy. Because of all this, as soon as the lion used to hunt, then after eating till its stomach was full, it used to give the remaining part to the animals sitting in its four special positions. Similarly, the lives of fox, wolf, cheetah and eagle were passing very comfortably.

One day Khabri Cheel came and told his flattering friends that a camel was sitting near the road for a long time.

On hearing this, the wolf asked whether he had got separated from his convoy.

On hearing this question, the leopard said that whatever it may be, we will make the lion hunt it. After that, you will eat it comfortably for several days.

Agreeing to this, the fox said that it is okay, I will go and talk to the king.

Saying this, the fox went straight to the lion and said very lovingly, ‘ Maharaj! Our messenger has come with the news that a camel has come to our area and is sitting by the side of the road.’ I was told by someone that the animals reared by humans have very good taste. Totally fit to eat for kings. If you ask, should I declare that the camel is your prey?

Coming to the good words of the fox, the lion said, it is okay. As soon as he said this, he reached the place where the camel was sitting. The lion saw that the camel was very weak and its eyes were also very yellow. Such a condition of him was not seen from the lion. That camel asked that friend, how did you become like this?

Moaning, the camel replied, ‘King of the jungle, don’t you know how heartless all humans are. All my life a merchant carried goods from me. Now I got sick, so he left me alone to die. He thought that I was of no use to him. Because of this, now he is not keeping me with him nor is he getting me treated. Now you kill me so that I can get rid of this pain.

The lion was very sad after hearing all these things. He told the camel that now you will live in this forest with us. No one will kill you here. I declare that no animal will hunt you.

All the four sycophantic animals were stunned to see this kindness of the lion. In a low voice the wolf said that no one, later it will be killed somehow. Now let’s obey the order of the king of the jungle.

The camel was now living comfortably in the same forest. One day the camel became completely healthy after eating green grass well. He always had respect for the lion and the lion also had a feeling of kindness and love for him. Now even a healthy camel used to take out the royal ride of the lion. He would walk with the four special officers of the lion sitting on his back.

One day the sycophants asked the lion, the king of the jungle, to hunt the elephant. The king also agreed, but that elephant was mad. He thrashed the lion badly. Somehow the lion escaped from the mad elephant, but he got hurt a lot.

Now the sick lion somehow managed to live his life without hunting. His servants were also hungry. It occurred to him that what should he do so that he gets something to eat. Then his attention went to the disfigured camel. Together they thought of an idea and went to the king.

First of all, the wolf said that for how many days will you be hungry, Maharaj. Hunt me and eat me, your hunger will die.

Then the eagle started saying that Raja Saheb! Wolf meat is not fit to eat. you eat me

Pushing the eagle back, the fox said, ‘Your meat will remain stuck in their teeth. You leave it, eat me.

Suddenly Chita again said that you will find only hair in its body. You satisfy your hunger by eating me.

It was all a drama of those sycophantic animals, which the camel could not understand. He also said very clearly that Maharaj, my life has been given to you only. Why would you starve like this? You kill me and eat me.

The four sycophantic animals were waiting for this. He immediately said that it is okay, Maharaj, you can eat the camel only. Now he himself is saying that eat me and there is too much flesh in his body. If you are not feeling well, then we make you a victim of it.

As soon as he said this, the leopard and the wolf together attacked the camel. The camel died in no time.

Moral of the story –

Don’t keep sycophants around you. They always think of their own benefit only.