Hungry Bird Story 

Written by Admin

Years ago Tinku Chidiya lived with her parents and 5 brothers in a clock tower. Tinku the bird was small. His feathers were soft. His mother had taught him to chirp to the beat of the clock tower.

There was a house near the clock tower, in which a woman who loved birds lived. She used to put a piece of bread everyday for Tinku bird and his family.

One day she fell ill and died. Tinku bird and his whole family depended on the food of that woman. Now they had nothing to eat, nor do they do anything to collect food for themselves.

One day Tinku bird’s father decided to hunt insects when he was very hungry. After working hard, he got 3 worms, which was not enough for the family. They were 8 people, so they kept the insects aside to feed Tinku and his 2 younger brothers.

Here, wandering in search of food, Tinku, her brother and her mother pecking at the window of a house to find something, but found nothing. Instead, the owner of the house threw ashes on them, due to which all three turned brown.

On the other hand, after a lot of searching, Tinku’s father found a place where there were a lot of insects. Arrangements had been made for his food for several days. When he reached home happily, no one was found there. He was worried.

When Tinku the bird, his brother and mother returned, the father could not recognize them and in a fit of rage chased them all away. Tinku tried hard to convince his father. He told again and again that someone had thrown color at him, but Tinku was met with failure.

His mother and brother were also disappointed, but Tinku did not give up. She took them and went to the pond and removed everyone’s ashes after bathing. All three are now in their old form. Now Tinku’s father also recognized him and apologized.

Now everyone started living together happily. They didn’t even have shortage of food.

Moral of the story: Never depend completely on anyone. A person should work hard himself and collect the things he needs.