Akbar Birbal

Half Reward

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This thing happened when Emperor Akbar and Birbal had their first meeting. At that time everyone knew Birbal by the name of Mahesh Das. One day Emperor Akbar, pleased with Mahesh Das’s cleverness in the market, invites him to his court to reward him and gives him his ring as a token.

After some time, Mahesh Das leaves for Sultan Akbar’s palace with the idea of meeting him. On reaching there, Mahesh Das sees that there is a very long line outside the palace and the doorman is letting them inside only after taking something or the other from each person. When Mahesh Das’s number came, he said that Maharaj has called me to give the reward and showed Sultan’s ring. Greed came to the mind of the gatekeeper and he said that I will let you inside on one condition if you give me half of the reward.

Mahesh Das thought something after listening to the doorman and went to the palace after listening to him. After reaching the court, he started waiting for his number to come. As soon as Mahesh Das’s turn came and he came in front, Emperor Akbar recognized him on seeing him and praised him a lot in front of the courtiers. Emperor Akbar said, tell me, Mahesh Das, what is needed in the reward.

Till Mahesh Das said that Maharaj, will you give me whatever I ask for as a reward? Emperor Akbar said that absolutely, what do you ask for. Then Mahesh Das said that Maharaj should give me a reward of 100 lashes on the back. Everyone was surprised to hear Mahesh Das’s words and Emperor Akbar asked why do you want this.

Then Mahesh Das told the whole incident that happened with the doorman and in the end said that I have promised that I will give half of the prize to the doorman. Then Akbar got angry and put 100 whips on the doorman and seeing the cleverness of Mahesh Das, kept him as the chief advisor in his court. After this Akbar changed his name from Mahesh Das to Birbal. Since then till today many stories of Akbar and Birbal became famous.

learn from the story :
We should do our work honestly and without any greed. If you do something with the expectation of getting something, there will always be bad consequences, like the case with the greedy porter in this story.