Guilty Goat

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Like every day, King Krishnadev Rai was sitting in his court. Only then a shepherd reached there with his complaint. Seeing the shepherd, King Krishnadev asked the reason for his coming to the court.

Then the shepherd said, ‘ Maharaj, a big wrong has happened to me. The wall of the house of a man who lives near my house collapsed and my goat died because of it coming down. Wherein, when I asked him for compensation for my dead goat, he is refusing to pay the compensation.

Even before Maharaj could say anything about the shepherd, Tenaliram got up from his place and said, ‘Of course Maharaj killed the goat due to the collapse of the wall, but that lone neighbor cannot be held guilty for this.’

All the ministers and courtiers present in the court along with the king were also surprised to hear this thing of Tenaliram. The king immediately asked Tenaliram, ‘Then according to you who else is the culprit for breaking the wall.’

On this Tenaliram said, ‘I don’t know that, but if you give me some time, I will find out and bring the truth in front of you.’ The king liked Tenaliram’s suggestion. He gave time to Tenaliram to find out the real culprit.

After getting the permission of the king, Tenaliram called the neighbor of the shepherd and asked him to give some money to the shepherd instead of the dead goat. On this the neighbor of the shepherd said with folded hands, ‘I am not responsible for this. The mason had done the work of building that wall. In such a situation, he is the real culprit.

Tenaliram found this statement of the shepherd’s neighbor right. That’s why Tenaliram called the mason who had built that wall. The mechanic also reached there, but he also did not accept his fault.

The mechanic said, ‘I am being unnecessarily blamed. The real culprits are the laborers, who spoiled the spices by adding more water to the spices, due to which the wall could not become strong and it collapsed.

After listening to the mason, soldiers were sent to call the laborers. When the laborers came to know about the whole matter after reaching there, the laborers said, ‘We are not to blame for this but the person who had put more water in the spice.’

After this, the person who put more water in the spice was also sent a message to reach the king’s court. As soon as the person who mixed water reached the court, he said, ‘The man who gave me the utensil to pour water in the spices, the real fault is his. That pot was huge. Due to this, the water could not be estimated and the spices got more water.

When asked by Tenaliram, the person who put more water in the spice said, ‘That big pot was given to him by the cowherd. Because of that, more water got into the mixture and the wall became weak. What was it then, Tenaliram looked at the herdsman and said, ‘It is your fault. The goat died because of you.

When the matter turned around and came to the shepherd, he could not say anything and quietly went towards his house. At the same time, all the courtiers present in the court started praising Tenaliram’s intelligence and justice.

learn from the story

This story teaches us that it is not right to blame someone else for what happened to us. In such a situation, it is necessary to find a solution to the problem by keeping patience.