Akbar Birbal

Green Horse Story

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One evening King Akbar went for a walk in his royal garden with his beloved Birbal. That garden was wonderful. There was greenery all around and the wet fragrance of flowers was making the atmosphere even more beautiful.

In such a situation, what did the king think that he said to Birbal, “Birbal! We wish to roam around in this green garden on a green horse. So I order you to arrange a green horse for us within seven days. On the other hand, if you fail to fulfill this order, then you should never show your face to me.

Both Raja and Birbal were aware of this fact that till date there has not been a green colored horse in the world. Still the king wanted Birbal to accept his defeat in some matter. That’s why he gave such order to Birbal. But, Birbal was also very clever. He knew very well what the king wanted from him. That’s why he also wandered here and there for seven days on the pretext of finding a horse.

On the eighth day, Birbal appeared in front of the king in the court and said, “Maharaj! As per your order, I have arranged a green horse for you. However, its owner has two conditions.

The king curiously asked about both the conditions. Then Birbal replied, “The first condition is that you yourself have to go to bring that green horse.” The king agreed to this condition.

Then he asked about the second condition. Then Birbal said, “The second condition of the owner of the horse is that you have to choose any day other than the seven days of the week to go to get the horse.”

Hearing this, the king started looking at Birbal with surprise. Then Birbal replied very easily, “Maharaj! The owner of the horse says that in order to bring the special green colored horse, he has to accept these special conditions.

King Akbar was happy to hear this clever talk of Birbal and agreed that it is really a difficult task to make Birbal accept his defeat.

Learning from the story

This story teaches us that with the right understanding and understanding, even the seemingly impossible task can be done easily.