Akbar Birbal

Greatest weapon

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Emperor Akbar used to talk to Birbal about many things other than work. Sitting like this, one day the king asked Birbal that according to you which is the biggest weapon in this world?

In response to this, Birbal said that there can be no bigger weapon in the world than self-confidence. Akbar did not understand this, but still he did not say anything. It occurred to him that when the time comes, this thing will be tested.

After a few days, an elephant became uncontrollable in the state. On finding out, it was understood that he has gone mad. He was chained by the staff. As soon as the news of this reached the king, he directly told the mahout that whenever you see Birbal coming, play the elephant’s chains.

The mahout was surprised to hear this, but it was the order of the king, so he bowed his head and left.

Now Akbar asked Birbal to go to the Mahavat. Seeing Birbal coming, Mahavat also freed the elephant from the chains following the order of the king. Birbal was not aware of this, so he was walking comfortably. That’s why his eyes fell on the elephant screaming. As soon as he saw that the elephant was coming towards him. He could not understand anything.

In no time it occurred to his mind that the king must have ordered to leave this elephant behind me just to test my confidence. Now Birbal was thinking of running here and there, but nothing like this could happen. The elephant was coming from the front and there was no place to run to the side.

Meanwhile, the elephant reached very close to Birbal. Then Birbal saw a dog in front of him and caught it by the legs and threw it towards the elephant. The dog collided with the elephant while screaming. Hearing such screams, the elephant started running back in the opposite direction.

Emperor Akbar came to know about this in no time, then he believed that self-confidence is the biggest weapon of man.

Learning from the story:

Everyone’s words should not be trusted just like that. It is necessary to examine and test the matter. The second lesson is that if a person does not give up hope ahead of time, then he can get out of trouble.