Friendship of Karna and Duryodhana

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The story of Mahabharata is not just enmity, but it also includes many stories of friendship and love. The friendship of Karna and Duryodhana also presents an example of friendship in the Mahabharata. Many stories of their deep friendship are prevalent in the Mahabharata. Come, let’s know about those incidents.

Once upon a time, Guru Dronacharya organized a competition among the princes, in which they had to perform many feats. Apart from Kauravas and Pandavas, princes from distant states also came to participate in this competition. Arjun performed very well in this competition, but then Karna came there. Karna performed all those feats, which Arjuna had done. After this, Karna challenged Arjuna to a fight, but Guru Dronacharya refused for this fight, because Karna was not a prince and this competition was between princes.

At the same time, Duryodhana did not want Arjuna to win this competition, so Duryodhana handed over the kingdom of Anga to Karna and declared him Angraj. Thus Duryodhana gave Karna the ability to compete with Arjuna. After this incident, Karna was always grateful to Duryodhana and started considering him as his best friend. Karna always helped Duryodhana and fulfilled the duty of an honest partner.

Karna was very brave, so he used to teach Duryodhana to fight like a warrior. Whenever Duryodhana thought of betraying the Pandavas under the influence of his maternal uncle Shakuni, Karna scolded him as a coward. Once when Duryodhana got the Lakshagriha built to kill the Pandavas by burning them, Karna felt very bad about this. Karna said, “Duryodhana, you should display your valor on the battlefield, not your cowardice by deceit.”

Karna always supported Duryodhana when he was in trouble. Duryodhana wanted to marry the princess of Chitrangada, but the princess rejected him at the Swayamvara. Duryodhan was very upset and forcefully brought the princess. Other kings ran after Duryodhana, they wanted to kill Duryodhana. Here also Karna helped Duryodhana and defeated all the kings. There are many such incidents in the Mahabharata, which prove that Karna was a brave warrior and a loyal companion of Duryodhana.