Five Bitter Truths of Kali Yuga

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It is about the time of Mahabharata, the five Pandavas discussed about Kaliyuga with Lord Shri Krishna and asked in detail about Kaliyuga and expressed their desire to know how would be the man in Kaliyuga, how would be his behavior and how would he attain salvation?

To answer these questions, Lord Krishna says- “You five brothers go to the forest and come back and tell me whatever you see. I will tell you its effect. All five brothers went to the forest.

Yudhishthira Maharaj saw that an elephant had two trunks. Seeing this, there was no limit to surprise.

Arjun went in the other direction. There he saw that there is a bird, the verses of the Vedas are written on its wings, but that bird is eating the flesh of a dead person, this is also a surprise!

Bhima saw the third surprise that the cow has given birth to a calf and is licking the calf so much that the calf bleeds.

Sahdev saw the fourth wonder that there are six-seven wells and there is water in the surrounding wells but the middle well is empty. The middle well is deep, yet there is no water.

The fifth brother Nakul also saw a wonderful surprise that a big stone kept rolling from the top of a mountain and hit many trees but the trunks of those trees could not stop it. No matter how many other rocks she collided with, she could not stop. At last she became stable as soon as she touched a very small plant. There is no end to the wonders of the five brothers!

In the evening he went to Shri Krishna and described his different scenes.

Yudhishthira says- “When I saw an elephant with two trunks, there was no limit to my surprise.”

Then Shri Krishna says- “In Kaliyuga there will be a kingdom of such people who will exploit from both the sides. Will say something and will do something. Such people will have a kingdom. From this you rule first.

Arjuna was surprised to see that the hymns of the Vedas were written on the wings of the bird and the bird was eating the flesh of a dead man. Similarly, in Kaliyuga, there will be such people who will be called great pundits and scholars, but they will keep watching which person should die and get property in our name. The people of the “organization” will think which person should die and the organization should be in our name. Sitting on the main post of every caste and religion, they will think that when is whose Shradh?

No matter how big people may be, but their vision will remain only on money (on meat).

There will be an abundance of such people who will be eager to defeat and snatch away the wealth and very few will be a saint.

Bhima saw the third surprise that the cow licks its calf so much that the calf bleeds. The man of Kaliyug will become Shishupala. Will do so much affection for the children that they will not get the opportunity for their development. “” If someone’s son leaves home and becomes a monk, thousands of people will visit him…. But if his son becomes a monk, then he will cry that what will happen to my son?”

There will be so much affection that he will be kept tied to the illusion and family and his life will end there. In the end the poor man will die as an orphan. In reality the boys are not yours, they are the trust of the daughters-in-law, the girls are the trust of the sons-in-law and this body of yours is the trust of death. Your soul is a betrayal of the Supreme Soul.

Just know your eternal relationship!

Sahdev saw the fourth surprise that the well in the middle of five seven filled wells was absolutely empty! In Kaliyuga, rich people will spend lakhs of rupees in the marriage of boys and girls, in the celebration of the house, in small and big festivals, but if someone is hungry and thirsty in the neighborhood, they will not see whether their stomach is full or not. On the other hand, we will spend money on alcohol, kebabs, fashion and addiction. But they will not be interested in wiping someone’s two tears and those who are interested will not be affected by Kaliyug, they will be influenced by God.

The fifth wonder was that a big rock rolled down the mountain, tree trunks and rocks could not stop it, but the rock stopped as soon as it collided with a small plant. In Kaliyuga, the mind of man will fall down, his life will degenerate. This fallen life will not stop with the rocks of wealth, nor will it stop with the trees of power. But with a small plant of Harinam, with a small plant of Hari Kirtan, the downfall of human life will stop.