Akbar Birbal

Everyone thinks the same

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Once King Akbar was discussing a particular subject in his court. On that subject, he asked all the people present in the Raj Darbar for their opinion. In such a situation, all the ministers present in the court replied according to their own intelligence. The king was very surprised to see that everyone’s answer was completely different from each other. On this, King Akbar asked Birbal the reason behind this happening and asked, ‘Why doesn’t everyone have the same thinking?’

Birbal smiled at the king’s question and said, ‘Your Majesty, no doubt people’s thinking is different from each other in many matters, but on certain subjects everyone’s thinking is the same.’ With this statement of Birbal, the proceedings of the court ended. And everyone goes to do their respective work.

The same evening King Akbar goes for a walk in his garden with Birbal, then he repeats the same question again. ‘Birbal, I asked you why everyone’s thinking is not the same? Give me the answer to this question.’ With this once again a debate erupts between Akbar and Birbal on this issue. When King Akbar does not understand Birbal’s point despite his best efforts, he devises a plan to get his point across.

Birbal says, ‘Maharaj, I will prove to you that in some matters everyone’s thinking is the same. Just issue an order. The decree will be that on the coming new moon night, everyone will bring a glass of milk from their homes and pour it into the dry well in your garden and those who disobey this decree will be punished severely.’

Although King Akbar finds this talk of Birbal foolish, but he gets the royal decree issued as per Birbal’s saying. By the order of the king, the soldiers go around the whole state and tell everyone about this decree. As soon as the king heard this order, everyone started discussing that pouring milk into a dry well is a foolish act. Still, it was the king’s order, so everyone had to obey it. Everyone started waiting for the new moon night.

In no time, the new moon night also arrived and everyone gathers near the well with a pot full of water from their respective homes. One by one, everyone turns their backs in the well and goes towards their respective homes. King Akbar and Birbal are secretly watching this whole scene.

When everyone turns their pots into the well and goes away, Birbal takes King Akbar near the well and says, ‘Look, Maharaj, has the well been filled with milk by your order? On Birbal’s talk, King Akbar peeps into the well and sees that the well is full of water till the top. They are very surprised to see this and they also get angry.

King Akbar tells Birbal, ‘I had issued an order to pour milk into the well. Then why was the well filled with water instead of milk?’ On this question of the king, Birbal smilingly says, ‘Your Majesty, everyone found it useless to pour milk into the well, so everyone poured water into the well instead of milk. All of them also thought that the night of Amavasya is very dark. Now in such darkness everyone can see only the pot, not whether there is milk or water in the pot.

Birbal said, ‘Maharaj, it is clear from this that in some matters everyone’s thinking is the same.’ Now King Akbar had understood Birbal’s point very well.

learn from the story:
The lesson to be learned from this story is that everyone’s thinking becomes the same when there is a similar personal situation.