Vikram Betaal

Dreams of Dagdu

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In the pitch dark night, King Vikram with his open sword moves forward to capture Betal. And with his prowess, after taking control of Betal, he started carrying him on his back. Due to the long journey, Betal tells the story to King Vikram and puts a condition as usual that-

If after listening to the story you open your mouth to answer, I will fly away.

Betal starts telling the story-

An old woman lived in Chandanpur village. He had a son named Dagdu. That woman used to feed herself and her son by doing the work of stitching new and old clothes. Dagdu was a slacker and a lazy boy. And used to dream day and night. One major problem with Dagdu was that he often had nightmares. And whenever there was a bad dream, that dream became reality.

One day Dagdu dreams that some people are robbing the newly married couple and the wedding procession. And are also fighting with them. The one whom Dagdu has seen in his dream. The same bride-to-be comes to Dagdu’s mother to take back her wedding lehenga after it is stitched. Dagdu immediately calls him a dream. The girl tells this to her mother and in-laws. But everyone ignores this dream considering it as an illusion.

After marriage, when the bride and groom are going with the wedding procession. Then the dream event actually happens. And in this whole incident Dagdu is accused that he must have met the robbers, otherwise how could he know that this would happen. And on the basis of suspicion, all the people together beat Dagdu a lot.

A few days after this incident, one night Dagdu dreams that Chaudharyan’s new house, living in the locality, gets burnt to ashes on the day of housewarming. That’s why the very next day Chaudharyan reaches Dagdu’s mother with laddoos in the happiness of getting that house built. And invites you to come to the party on the day of the housewarming ceremony.

On the other hand, Dagdu immediately tells about the dream to his mother and Chaudharyan. Chaudharyan turns red-yellow with anger. And on the contrary, she starts saying to Dagdu’s mother that your son is black-tongued and his speaking causes disaster for everyone. After listening to Chaudharyan’s burnt cut in anger, the mother leaves from there saying good and bad to the son.

Sure arrangements are made to ensure that no incident takes place during the housewarming ceremony; But still, somehow or other the spark of fire gets caught in the curtains of Chaudharyan’s grand house and within no time it takes on a fierce form and burns the whole house to ashes. Since Dagdu had already spoken about this, everyone curses him with black tongue and kills him and drives him out of the village.

Dagdu doesn’t understand why people get angry on him after hearing the truth. Well, Dagdu moves to another kingdom where he gets the job of guarding the palace during the night.

The king there has to go to Sonpur for some work the next day. That’s why he tells the queen to wake him up early in the morning.

Dagdu is standing guard at the door of the palace at night. Only then does he fall asleep when it gets dark. And then he dreams that there has been an earthquake in Sonepur and all the people present there have died. Dagdu wakes up shocked and starts doing his chowkidari.

Dagdu hears about Raja going to Sonpur in the morning. Only then stops his chariot and tells the king about his dream. Raja cancels the program of going to Sonpur. And the very next day news comes that there has been a sudden earthquake in Sonpur and not a single person has survived there.

The king immediately summons Dagdu to the court, presents him with a gold necklace and throws him out of his job.

Betal stops after telling such a story. And the king asks Vikram that why did the king give the award to Dagdu? If he was given a prize then why was he fired?

King Vikram replies that… Dagdu saved the king’s life by telling the story of his inauspicious dream, so he gave gold to Dagdu as a reward. And Dagdu fell asleep at work, so the king fired him.

Because of King Vikram’s answer, Betal released his hand and flew back to the tree!