Draupadi abduction

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After Arjuna returned from Indraprastha after receiving the teachings of Divyastra, the five Pandavas were living with Draupadi in Kamyavan by making their own ashram, then once the five Pandavas had gone out for some work. Only Draupadi, one of her maidservants and the priest Dhaumya were in the ashram.

Jayadratha’s return to Kamyavan

One day Jayadratha, the husband of Duryodhana’s sister, who was going to the Shalva country with the desire of marriage, suddenly saw Draupadi standing at the door of the hermitage and fell in love with her. He stopped his army there and said to his friend Kotikasya, ‘ Kotika! Go and find out who is this all-round beauty? If I get this woman, then why do I need to go to Shalva country for marriage? After listening to his friend, Kotikasya reached Draupadi and said, ‘O Kalyani! Who are you? Are you an Apsara or a Devkanya? ‘ Draupadi replied, ‘ I am Draupadi, the wife of the five world famous Pandavas. My husband is about to come soon, so you all accept his hospitality and leave from here. You are requested to take rest outside the hut till his arrival.

Abduction of Draupadi

I will manage your food.’ Kotikasya went to Jayadratha and introduced Draupadi. On knowing the introduction, Jayadrath went to Draupadi and said, ‘O Draupadi! You are the wife of those people who roam around in the forest and cannot provide you any kind of happiness. You leave the Pandavas and marry me and enjoy the kingdom of the entire Indus country. ‘ Hearing Jayadratha’s words, Draupadi cursed him a lot, but his curse did not affect the lustful Jayadradha and he pulled Draupadi forcefully and made her sit in his chariot. When Guru Dhaumya came to protect Draupadi, Jayadrath threw him on the ground there and started driving his chariot away from there.

Jayadratha chased by the Pandavas

In a while the Pandavas returned to the ashram. On hearing the news of Draupadi’s abduction, Bhima ran after Jayadratha with his mace. Yudhishthira told Bhima that he is the husband of sister Dussala, so do not kill him. At the same time Arjun also ran after him. Jayadratha ran away leaving Draupadi. Bhima chased Jayadratha and threw him on the earth. Tied him and brought him in front of Draupadi. Draupadi out of pity got him released.

Jayadratha’s boon

Saddened by this humiliation, Jayadratha did penance to Shankar and got a boon of never losing to any other Pandava except Arjuna.