Danveer Karna

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Many great characters are mentioned in the story of Mahabharata. Danveer Karna was one of them. Shri Krishna always praised Karna’s charity. At the same time, Arjuna and Yudhishthira also used to do charity, but Shri Krishna never praised them. One day Arjun asked Shri Krishna the reason for this. Shri Krishna said, “When the time comes, he will prove that the greatest donor is Suryaputra Karna.”

After some days a Brahmin came to Arjuna’s palace. He told that the wife has died. They need sandal wood for his cremation. The Brahmin asked Arjuna for sandalwood as a gift. Arjun ordered his minister to arrange for sandalwood from the treasury, but on that day neither sandalwood was found in the treasury nor in the whole state. Arjuna said to the Brahmin, “I am sorry, I could not arrange sandalwood for you.”

Shri Krishna was watching this whole incident. He told the Brahmin, “You will definitely find sandalwood at one place, you come with me.” Shri Krishna also took Arjuna with him. Shri Krishna and Arjun disguised themselves as Brahmins and reached Karna’s court with that Brahmin. There also the Brahmin asked Karna for sandalwood as a gift. Karna asked his minister to arrange sandalwood. After some time Karna’s minister said that sandalwood was not found anywhere in the whole kingdom.

On this, Karna ordered his minister that there are sandalwood pillars in his palace, they should be broken and donated to a Brahmin. The minister did the same. The Brahmin took sandalwood and went for the cremation of his wife. Shri Krishna said to Arjuna, “Look, even the pillars of your palace are made of sandalwood, but you disappointed the Brahmin. Whereas, Karna once again showed his charity.

learn from the story :
Charity is not that which is done in a prosperous situation, but the real charity is that which can be done even when there is lack.