Akbar Birbal

Counting waves

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Once upon a time, a person reached the court of Emperor Akbar with a request to ask him for a job. After listening to his words for some time and testing his intelligence, the emperor made him a tax collector.

Birbal was also present in that court. After watching him carefully for some time, he said that the king, this person looks very clever. He will definitely do something dishonest soon. Some time passed by and by then that person had completely taken care of the tax collection.

One day one or two people came to Emperor Akbar with a complaint about that officer. The complaints were minor, so no one paid much attention to them. After that, the allegations of taking bribe and harassing the public were also leveled against that officer. After receiving so many complaints, the king thought that he should be transferred to such a place, where he would not get a chance to cheat.

Thinking this much, the king decided that he would be made the scribe of the stable. Then Akbar said in his mind that now what dishonesty will he be able to do in the work of lifting the horseshoes.

As soon as he reached the post of Munshi there, that person again started taking bribe. He directly told the caretakers of the horses that you feed less food and water to the horses. The king has come to know about this, so I have been sent to weigh the lead. Now if the weight of the lead decreases, then I will complain about everyone to the king. In this way, being upset with that scribe, people started giving him one rupee for every horse.

This matter also reached Akbar after some time. He directly entrusted the task of counting the waves of the Yamuna to the scribe. Then it occurred to the king that now no one would be able to do this dishonesty here.

Within a few days, as soon as that person reached the banks of the Yamuna, he ran his mind there too. He used to stop and tell the boat riders that I am counting the waves. In such a situation, you people cannot leave from here. Will have to stay at this place for two-three days. Hearing such things everyday, the boatmen started giving him a bribe of ten rupees each to continue his work.

Now that person was doing a lot of dishonesty on the banks of the Yamuna as well. In a month or two this matter also reached the king. Then Akbar sent a written order, “Don’t stop the boat, let it go.”

The man was clever, he changed the letter of the king’s order to “stop the boats, don’t let them go”. After this little manipulation, he got Akbar’s order hung there. In the end, being upset with him, the king fired him from his job.

Only then the king remembered Birbal’s words that this man would definitely commit dishonesty. Then it occurred to him that I should have given him severe punishment for the first mistake itself.

Learning from the story:

The wicked do not leave their wickedness and the dishonest their dishonesty wherever they go.