Akbar Birbal

Cheater Qazi

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Once upon a time, Emperor Akbar was discussing some issue with his courtiers in the Mughal court. At the same time a farmer came there with his complaint and said, “Your Majesty, do justice. I want justice. After hearing this, Emperor Akbar said what happened.

The farmer said, “Your Majesty, I am a poor farmer. Some time ago my wife passed away and now I live alone. My mind is not engaged in any work. So, one day I went to Qazi Sahib. He asked me to go to a dargah located far away from here for peace of mind. Impressed by his talk, I agreed to go to the Dargah, but at the same time I started worrying about the theft of Soni coins, which I had earned after working hard for so many years. When I told this to Qazi Sahib, he said that he would safeguard the gold coins and return them when he returned. On this I put all the coins in a bag and gave them to him. Qazi sahib asked me to put a seal on the bag as a precaution.

Emperor Akbar said, “Well then what happened?” The farmer said, “Your Highness, I gave him the bag after sealing it and went on a journey to visit the dargah. Then when he came back after a few days, Qazi Sahib gave back the bag. When I returned home with the bag and opened it, it had stones instead of gold coins. When I asked Qazi Sahib about this, he angrily said that you are accusing me of theft. Having said this, he called his servants and chased me away after beating me.

The farmer said crying, “Your Majesty, I had only those gold coins in the name of deposits. Do justice to me Maharaj.

After listening to the farmer, Emperor Akbar asked Birbal to settle the matter. Birbal took the bag from the hands of the farmer, looked inside it and asked Maharaj for some time. Emperor Akbar gave Birbal two days’ time.

After going home, Birbal gave a torn kurta to his servant and said, “Get it washed well and bring it.” The servant went away with the kurta and after some time got it ironed and came back. Birbal was happy to see the kurtas. The kurta was roughened in such a way that it was not torn. Seeing this, Birbal asked the servant to call the tailor. The servant came with the tailor in no time. Birbal asked him something and sent him back.

The next day Birbal reached the court and ordered the soldier to bring both the Qazi and the farmer to the court. In no time, the soldier brought the Qazi and the farmer along.

After this Birbal asked the soldier to call the tailor as well. On hearing this, Kazi lost his senses. As soon as the tailor arrived, Birbal asked him, “Did the Qazi give you anything to stitch?” Then the tailor said, “A few months ago I sewed his coin bag.” After this, when Birbal forcefully asked Qazi, he told everything truthfully out of fear.

The Qazi said, “Your Highness, I became greedy seeing so many gold coins at once. Pardon me.”

Emperor Akbar ordered the Qazi to return his gold coins to the farmer and also sentenced the Qazi to one year imprisonment. After this, once again everyone praised Birbal’s intelligence.

Lesson learned from the story:
Never be greedy nor cheat anyone. In return for wrongdoing one has to face punishment one day or the other.