Akbar Birbal

Blind or sighted

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Once upon a time. Akbar and Birbal were discussing something. Only then a moment came, when King Akbar said, ‘Behind every 100 men in the world, there is one blind person.’ After hearing this, Birbal disagreed with the king and said, ‘Your Majesty, according to me, your The estimation seems to be wrong. In fact, the number of blind people in the world is much more than the number of people who can see.

King Akbar was very surprised to hear this answer of Birbal, he said, ‘When we look around us, the number of people who see is more than the blind. In such a situation, how can the number of blind people be more than those who can see?

After listening to this statement of King Akbar, Birbal says, ‘Maharaj, some day I will definitely show you with proof that the number of blind people in the world is more than those who can see.’ On Birbal’s answer, King Akbar says, ‘Okay. Yes, if you can prove this thing with evidence, then I will also definitely accept this thing.’ That day this thing stops.

After about two days, King Akbar completely forgets this thing. But Birbal keeps on thinking of a trick to prove his point. After about four days, Birbal thinks of a plan and he takes two accountants and goes towards the market with them.

After reaching the middle market, Birbal asks for a cot frame from the soldiers there and also asks for a rope to weave it. Now Birbal orders the two bookkeepers brought with him to sit on his right and left by putting a chair. Also keep in mind that the accountant sitting on the right will prepare the list of the blind in his state and the accountant sitting on the left will prepare the list of the sighted.

Obeying Birbal’s order, both the accountants gear up to do their work and Birbal starts weaving the cot. Seeing Birbal weaving cots in the middle of the market, slowly a crowd of people starts gathering there. One of the people in the crowd could not contain himself and asked Birbal, ‘What are you doing?’

Birbal does not answer this question and signals to the accountant sitting on his right to write this man’s name in his list. As the time was passing the number of people coming was increasing and all the people coming were asking Birbal what he was doing here to calm their curiosity. At the same time, Birbal was going to put the names of those who asked this question in the list of the blind by giving a hint to his right accountant.

Then suddenly a man comes there, who asks Birbal why are you making a cot while sitting in so much sun? Even then Birbal does not say anything and signals to the bookkeeper sitting on the left to write the name of the person asking this question in the list of visitors. This process continues like this and gradually the whole day passes.

Only then King Akbar comes to know about this and he also reaches the market to understand the matter, where Birbal was working to weave cots. Raja also wants to know the reason behind doing all this from Birbal. So, he asks Birbal what are you doing Birbal?

On hearing the king’s question, Birbal orders the accountant sitting on his right to include Maharaj Akbar’s name in his list of the blind. Hearing this statement of Birbal, King Akbar got a little angry and was also surprised.

King Akbar said, ‘Birbal my eyes are completely fine and I can see everything very well. Then why are you putting my name in the list of the blind?’ When asked by King Akbar, Birbal smiles and says, ‘Your Highness, you can see that I am making a cot. Still asked myself what am I doing? Now Maharaj, only a blind person can ask such a question.

Hearing this answer of Birbal, King Akbar understood that he was doing all this to prove what he said a few days back. As soon as he understood this, King Akbar also smiled and asked, ‘Birbal, then tell me what did you find out from this effort of yours? Tell me, is the number of the sighted or the blind more?

Birbal replies to the king’s question, ‘Your Majesty, what I had said, it turned out to be true that the number of blind people in the world is more than those who see. By comparing both the lists prepared by me, you can also understand this very well.

Hearing Birbal’s answer, King Akbar laughs out loud and says, ‘Birbal, you can do anything to prove your point.’

learn from the story

This story of Akbar Birbal Andhe Baba teaches us that even after being seen, a person who asks stupid questions is like a blind person.