Akbar Birbal

Birbal caught the thief

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This story is from the time of Emperor Akbar. Once a businessman had gone away from the state for some days for some work. When he reaches home after finishing his work, he finds that his safe is completely empty. All his hard earned money has been stolen. The merchant got scared and called all the servants in his house. There were total 5 servants in the merchant’s house. On one voice of the merchant, all the servants came and stood in front of him.

The merchant asked them, “How did such a big theft happen in the house when you guys were there? When the thief came and cleaned my safe, where were all of them at that time? A servant replied, “We don’t know when this theft happened, master. we were sleeping.” Hearing this, the businessman got angry and said, “I think only one of you five has committed the theft. Now only Emperor Akbar will settle your account. Saying this he went towards the palace.

Emperor Akbar was sitting in his court listening to the problems of the public when the merchant reached there. The merchant said, “Justice sir, justice, solve my problem.” The king asked, “What happened? Who are you and what is your problem? The merchant said, “I am a merchant living in your kingdom, Maharaj. Went out of state for a few days for some important work. When I came back, my whole safe was looted. I’m ruined, sir. Help me.”

Hearing this, the king asked some questions to the merchant, like how much goods were stolen, does he suspect anyone etc. After getting the answers to the questions, Akbar handed over the merchant’s case to Birbal and said that Birbal would help him in catching the real thief.

The next day Birbal reached the merchant’s house. He called all the servants and asked them where were they all on the night of the theft? Everyone said that he lives in the businessman’s house and that night also he was sleeping in the businessman’s house.

Birbal agreed with him and said, “You all need not worry. I have these five magic sticks in my hand. I will give each of you a stick. Whoever is the thief, his wood will become two inches long tonight and the thief will be caught. We will all meet here tomorrow.” Saying this, Birbal held each stick in his hand and went away.

The day set. The next day Birbal again reached the merchant’s house and called all the servants with their respective pieces of wood. When Birbal saw everyone’s wood, he saw that one servant’s wood was two inches short.

Just what then. Birbal immediately ordered the soldiers to catch that servant. The merchant could not understand this whole incident and started looking at Birbal with confusion. Birbal explained to the merchant that no wood was magical, but the thief was afraid that his wood would grow two inches longer and out of fear he cut his wood to two inches and was caught. The merchant was very impressed by Birbal’s cleverness and thanked him.

learn from the story :
Children, the story Birbal caught a thief teaches us that no matter how cleverly a wrongdoing is done, it comes into the public eye and its consequences are always bad.