Akbar Birbal

Bad habit

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Once upon a time, Emperor Akbar was very worried about one thing. When the courtiers asked him, the emperor said, ‘Our prince has developed a bad habit of thumb-sucking, even after many attempts, we are not able to get rid of this habit.’

Hearing the problems of Emperor Akbar, a courtier told him about a fakir, who had a cure for every disease. What was it then, the king invited that fakir to come to the court.

When the fakir came to the court, Emperor Akbar told him about his predicament. The fakir promised to remove the trouble after listening to the king’s whole story and asked for a week’s time.

When the fakir came to the court after a week, he lovingly explained to the prince about the bad habit of thumb-sucking and also told about its disadvantages. The words of the fakir had a great impact on the prince and he also promised not to suck his thumb.

When all the courtiers saw this, they said to the king, ‘ When this work was so easy, why did the fakir take so long. After all, why did he waste the time of the court and your time. ‘ The king came to the words of the courtiers and he decided to punish the fakir.

All the courtiers were supporting the emperor, but Birbal was silent. Seeing Birbal silently, Akbar asked, ‘Why are you silent Birbal?’

Then the king angrily said, ‘You are going against our decision. After all, how did you even think like this, answer me.

Then Birbal said, ‘When Maharaj came to the fakir court last time, he had a bad habit of eating lime. After listening to your words, he realized his mistake. He first decided to give up this bad habit of his own and then got rid of the bad habit of the prince.

After listening to Birbal, the courtiers and Emperor Akbar realized their mistake and everyone honored the fakir by apologizing to him.

Lesson learned from the story:

We should improve ourselves before improving others, only then we should give knowledge to others.