Arjuna’s arrogance

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Once Arjuna became proud that he was the greatest devotee of the Lord. Shri Krishna understood him. One day he took Arjuna for a walk with him.

On the way they met a poor Brahman. His behaviour was a little strange. He was eating dry grass and a sword was hanging from his waist.

Arjun asked him, ‘ You are a worshiper of non-violence. Due to the fear of violence, living beings live by eating dry grass. But then why is this instrument of violence, the sword, with you?

The Brahmin replied, ‘I want to punish some people.’

‘Who are your enemies?’ Arjun expressed his curiosity.

The Brahmin said, ‘ I am looking for four people, so that I can settle my accounts with them.

First of all, I am looking for Narada. Narad does not allow my Lord to rest, he always keeps him awake by singing hymns.

Then I am also angry with Draupadi. She called out to my lord just when he was sitting down to eat. He immediately had to leave the food and go to save the Pandavas from the curse of Durvasa Rishi. Just look at his audacity. He fed false food to my God.

‘Who is your third enemy?’ asked Arjuna. ,

He is the heartless Prahlad. That cruel person put my Lord in a pan of hot oil, crushed him under the feet of an elephant and finally forced him to appear from a pillar.

And the fourth enemy is Arjun. Look at his wickedness. He made my God his own charioteer. He didn’t even care about God’s inconvenience. My Lord must have been in so much pain. As soon as he said this, tears welled up in the eyes of the Brahmin.

Arjuna’s pride was shattered after seeing this. Apologizing to Shri Krishna, he said, ‘I agree Lord, don’t know how many types of devotees you have in this world. I am nothing.’