Arjuna and the bird’s eye

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It is a matter of those days of Dwaparayuga, when the five Pandavas and Kaurava sons were receiving their education from Guru Dronacharya. In those days the Pandavas were acquiring the knowledge of archery. One day Guru Dronacharya thought of taking his test. For the examination, Gurudev called the five Pandavas – Yudhishthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadev as well as the Kauravas to the forest and made them stand in front of a tree and said, “Disciples, today is the day of examination for all of you. Is. Today there will be a test of how much all of you have learned from the archery given by me.

Thereafter, Guru Dronacharya pointed to that tree and said, “Look there, there is a fake bird hanging on that tree. I want you all, one by one, to aim at the eye of that fish and the arrow should go straight in the middle of the eye, at its pupil. Do you all understand? At this everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

Guru Dronacharya first called Yudhishthira forward and handed over the bow and arrow to him and asked him, “Vats, what are you seeing at this time?” To this Yudhishthira replied, “Gurudev, you, my brother, this forest, trees, birds sitting on trees and leaves etc. everything is visible.” Hearing this, Dronacharya took the bow and arrow from Yudhishthira’s hand and said that he was not yet ready for this test.

After this, he called Bhima forward and put the bow and arrows in his hands. Then he asked Bhima what he was seeing. To this Bhima replied that he too could see Guru Dronacharya, his brothers, trees, birds, earth and sky. Guru Dronacharya also took back the bow and arrows from his hands and asked him to go to his place and stand.

Thus Gurudev called Nakula, Sahadeva and all the Kaurava sons one by one and asked them the same question, placing bow and arrows in their hands. The answer of all of them also came in such a way that they are seeing Gurudev, brother, forest, things and trees around it etc. After these answers he sent everyone back to their respective places.

At last it was Arjun’s turn. Gurudev called him forward and gave the bow and arrows in his hands. Then he asked Arjuna, “Watts, tell me what you are seeing?” Arjun said, “I can see the eye of that bird, Gurudev”. Gurudev asked, “What else are you seeing, Arjun?” “I cannot see anything except the eye of that bird, Master,” said Arjuna. Hearing that Arjuna was seeing nothing but the eye of a bird, Guru Dronacharya smiled and said, “You are ready for this test. Hit the target, Vats.” Arjun shot an arrow at the bird’s eye as soon as he got the Guru’s order and the arrow went straight to its target.

learn from the story :
Children, this story of Arjuna and the bird’s eye teaches us that to achieve success, we should focus only on our goal.