Sheikh Chilli

Another Job

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Shekhchilli did not feel like working. In such a situation, the owner of Shekhchilli removed him from his job for not working properly. Shekhchilli was very sad because of the loss of his job. Now he needed another job, so he started looking for another job. While searching for a job, one day he reached a Seth. He asked Seth for a job and said that I am very poor. I don’t even have pocket money, so any job will do. Just keep me on the job.

That Seth was very clever, so he agreed to hire Shekhchilli. While doing this, he also kept a condition of his own. He told Shekhchilli that I will hire you, but for that you will have to give an agreement in writing. It will be written in the contract that if you talk about leaving your job, I will cut off your nose and ears.

Shekhchilli agreed, but he also asked to write one of his conditions in the agreement. The condition was that if Seth himself fired Shekhchilli from his job, then Shekhchilli would get his nose and ears cut off. After a little thought, Seth also agreed to Shekhchilli’s talk.

After both agreed, an agreement was prepared and signatures of both were taken on it, so that in future no one could go back on their word. After this Shekhchilli went to sleep.

The next day when Shekhchilli woke up, he saw that his beard and hair had grown a lot. Seeing this, he thought of making beard and hair and put lime in water after grinding it.

Then Seth came there and washed his face with that lime water and Seth’s wife also washed her hair with it. The result was that it started itching and burning on Seth ji’s face. His wife also lost all her hair. Seth got very angry seeing this. He scolded Shekhchilli and asked, “What is this?”

To this Sheikhchilli replied that I have not done anything against the agreement, then why are you shouting at me. Seth became calm on this answer of Shekhchilli and did not say anything further.

The next day Shekhchilli took a bag and filled it with stones and kept it in Seth’s office. This bag was exactly the same in which Seth used to keep his important books. When Seth opened that bag, he was stunned to see it. The bag was filled with stones instead of books. Seeing this, the people of Seth’s office also started laughing. Seth was embarrassed by this. Now he had an idea that the person he had hired was clever and sharp minded and he was responding to his contractual plan in this way.

According to the agreement, Shekhchilli had to feed the horse every day. One day when Shekhchilli took the horse to graze, he himself fell asleep at a place and left the horse alone to graze. When Shekhchilli was returning to Seth’s house at night, he met a merchant on the way.

The merchant asked Shekhchilli to sell the horse. The deal was fixed between Shekhchilli and Saudagar for Rs.40. On this Shekhchilli took money from the merchant and gave the horse to him, but the horse’s tail was cut off.

After selling the horse to the merchant, Shekhchilli reached Seth with the money and the horse’s cut tail. Sheikhchilli started shouting loudly as soon as he reached Seth. When Seth asked the reason for his crying and shouting, Shekhchilli showed the horse’s tail and said, “A mouse dragged the horse into its hole. While saving the horse, only this question of his was left in my hand.

Seth got very angry on this matter, but he could not say anything to Sheikh. The reason was that according to the agreement, if he fired Shekhchilli from the job, he would have to cut off his nose and ears from Shekhchilli.

It was also mentioned in the agreement that Shekhchilli would bring firewood to Seth’s house every day. In such a situation, when Shekhchilli brought the wood as per the agreed upon task, he kept it in the house and set the wood on fire as well.

During this Seth went to the temple. When he came back, he was very sad to see the house burnt. He said to Shekhchilli, “Why did you set the house on fire? Now I will not hire you.”

On this talk of Seth, Shekhchilli reminded him of the agreement. Seth got fed up and told his wife that this servant has troubled me and I am not able to get rid of him even if I want to.

Seeing Seth’s trouble, his wife suggests that I prepare to go to my maternal home. You fill a box with me on the pretext of leaving me and leave from here. Then we will not come back here again and you will get rid of this servant.

When Seth and his wife were talking about this, Shekhchilli was secretly listening to both of them. He had already gone and sat in the box that Seth was going to take with him. Seth and his wife quietly leave the house picking up the box early in the morning.

After leaving the house, Seth thinks that he has got rid of Shekhchilli. That’s why Shekhchilli started urinating while sitting in the box and he urinated in the box itself. Seth thought that the pudding that was kept inside the box, perhaps it is its ghee coming out.

When Seth took down the box and placed it on the ground, Shekhchilli quickly came out of the box. He told Seth that I will not stop chasing you until I cut off your nose and ears as per the agreement.

On coming in front of Shekhchilli, Seth asked Shekhchilli to pick up the box and walk. Shekhchilli flatly refused for this. On Sheikh’s refusal, poor Seth himself started walking carrying the box.

When the in-laws remained some distance away, Seth told Shekhchilli to go and tell the in-laws that I have come and am sitting at some distance. Somebody come and take me away from here.

Shekhchilli obeying Seth ji went to his in-laws house and said, “Seth ji is ill and he has come here with great difficulty. He is sitting at a distance from here. Someone go and get them.

In this way Seth somehow reached his in-laws house. When it was time to eat at the in-laws’ house, dal without tempering was kept in front of Seth. Whereas, good dishes were served to Shekhchilli.

After this, when Seth felt like going to the toilet at night, Shekhchilli said to Seth ji that where will he go on such a night, do the toilet in the pot kept here. Seth ji obeyed Shekhchilli and did exactly that.

In the morning, when Seth asked Shekhchilli to throw the handi, Shekhchilli refused. Helpless Seth himself picked up the pot and went to throw it, but as soon as he reached the threshold of the house, the pot fell down due to stumbling and all the people present around were splattered with toilet. On this everyone ran away from Seth spitting.

Learning from the story:

The lesson from Shekhchilli’s second job story is that cleverness sometimes gets the better of you.