Akbar Birbal

All will flow

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Once Emperor Akbar took Birbal on a hunt with him. He was accompanied by a contingent of army and some servants. After hunting, Akbar started returning in a few days. That’s why seeing a village on the way, the desire to know about it arose in the heart of the king.

He immediately asked Birbal who came with him, do you know anything about this village. I want to know about this place.

Birbal replied, “Sir, I also do not know anything about this village. I have also come for the first time towards this village of my state. If you want to know about here, then I ask someone and tell.

Then Birbal’s eyes fell on a man. He called him to him and asked, “Brother, are you from this village. If yes, then tell me everything about this village. Everything is going well here, isn’t it?

The man was answering Birbal’s questions when his eyes fell on the king. He recognized them. Then said that sir, how can something bad happen here under your rule. Everything is great here.

Then the king asked him, “What is your name?”

The man replied, “My name is Ganga.”

The king again said, “Father’s name?”

Got the answer, Jamuna.

After hearing this, the king asked that then surely your mother’s name would be Saraswati?

He said, “No sir! My mother’s name is Narmada.

Hearing all these things, Birbal laughed and said jokingly, “Badshah, now it is not right to move ahead from here. All the rivers are here. You don’t even have a boat, so don’t go ahead. It is necessary to have a boat to move forward. Otherwise, the fear of drowning will remain and if you stay here for a long time, everything will be washed away.

The king also laughed out loud after hearing this statement of Birbal.

That person also went away smiling after hearing Birbal’s joke.

Learning from the story:

One does not need to be serious all the time. It is also important to laugh and joke.