Akbar Birbal

Akbar’s parrot

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It occurred a long time ago. Once Akbar had gone on a tour in the market. There he saw a parrot, which was very cute. His master had taught him many good things. Akbar was happy to see this. They decided to buy that parrot. Instead of buying the parrot, Akbar gave a good price to the owner. He brought that parrot to the palace. After bringing the parrot here, Akbar decided to keep it very well.

Now whenever Akbar asked him about anything, he used to answer that thing immediately. Akbar used to become very happy. Day by day that parrot had become dearer to him than life itself. He ordered to make royal arrangements for his stay in the palace. He told his servants, ‘This parrot should be taken special care of. The parrot should not be in any kind of trouble.

He also said, ‘This parrot should not die under any circumstances. If anyone informs him about the parrot’s death, he will hang him.’ Special care was taken for the parrot’s stay in the palace. Then one day suddenly Akbar’s favorite parrot died.

Now there was a stir among the servants of the palace as to who would tell this to Akbar, because Akbar had said that whoever informs him of the parrot’s death, he will kill him. Now the servants were worried. After much thought, he decided to tell this to Birbal. Everyone told the whole thing to Birbal. It was also told that Emperor Akbar would give death sentence to the one who gave the news of the death. Hearing this, Birbal agreed to convey this news to Emperor Akbar. He went to the palace to give this information to Akbar.

Birbal went to Akbar and said, ‘Your Majesty, this is a sad news.’ Akbar asked – ‘Tell me what happened?’ Neither is he speaking anything, nor is he opening his eyes, nor is he doing any action, nor….’ Akbar got angry and said, ‘…Neither what? Why don’t you say directly that he is dead.’ Birbal said, ‘Yes Maharaj, but you have said this, not me. Therefore, spare my life.’ Akbar too could not speak. In this way, Birbal saved his life and the lives of his servants with great understanding.

learn from the story :
One should not panic in difficult times, but should act wisely. Any problem can be solved using the mind.